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This page contains usage information for Template:Nb main.

Template used for building navboxes.

Standard navboxes (i.e. those inserted at the bottom of an article) are collapsible and will be auto-collapsed if there are more than 2 of them on a page (number can be changed in MediaWiki:Common.js). Side navboxes are not collapsible and do not count towards this limit.

Premade navboxes


Please note that in order to maintain a standardized look, the width should only be changed if really necessary (e.g. for sideboxes). All boxes placed at the bottom should keep the standard width, i.e. no width attribute should be specified.

The name attribute should be set at top level, i.e. in the navbox that actually contains content. All intermediate templates (those which are used to construct the final product) should hand the attribute down to Template:Nb main.

{{nb main
|name=Name of template (without "Template:" prefix)
|title=Title of your navbox
{{nb header|Header}}
{{nb group|Group|Group content}}
{{nb row|Row}}

|footer=Footer text
|footeralign=text-alignment of footer
|nowraplinks=yes/no - don't wrap links in the content fields of this navbox? (defaults to yes)
|width=Width of your navbox, e.g. ''250px'' or ''60%'' (defaults to 80%).
|position=left, right or bottom (defaults to bottom)
|showedit=yes/no, shows/hides the view/edit/talk bar in the top left (defaults to yes).

Use any combination of components you like. All components support changing their text-alignment via align (align1 and align2 for the group row; align1, align2 and blockalign for the block). See component pages for details.



Simple box


Simple box with sub-headers


Simple group box


Mixed box with footer