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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template used for constructing source templates. It should not be used directly in articles.


|icon   = Icon, will display default image if not given
|source = Source of tagged information, bold
|text   = Additional text - available options see below.
|1      = {{{1}}}
          This line needs to be added always.
|color  = Color of top and bottom borders (optional, only use if necessary)
          Accepts hexadecimal color codes or simple color names (red, yellow, blue, grey, black etc)
|px     = Image dimensions, defaults to 50x25px (optional, only use if necessary)

Unnamed parameter

All templates set will support the values "end" and "contradict" for the first unnamed parameter. "Contradict" overrides other "text" options with the appropriate text, "end" alters the template text so it marks the end of information from the source.

{{Name of template|end}}
{{Name of template|contradict}}

Options for "text" parameter

option resulting text
default has not been confirmed by canon sources
contradict contradicts canon sources
empty -
prerelease may be inaccurate or contain spoilers
semi some details might contradict canon
spoiler may contain spoilers


|image  = 
|link   =
|source = 
|text   = 
|1      = {{{1}}}


|icon   = [[File:av-15.jpg|link=Adam Isgreen|50x25px]]
|source = [[Adam Isgreen|Adam Isgreen's]] [ Petroglyph forum posts]
|text   = default 
|1      = 1

results in:

Av-15.jpg The following is based on Adam Isgreen's Petroglyph forum posts and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Documentation transcluded from Template:Sourcebox/doc.