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(== Licensing == {{Copyright game}} Category:Red Alert 2 icons)
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== Summary ==
== Licensing ==
[[Category:Menu templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
{{Copyright game}}
[[Category:Characters Menu templates|{{PAGENAME}}]]
</noinclude>{{-}}{{navbox group
[[Category:Red Alert 2 icons]]
|name= Tiberian Dawn Characters
|title= [[:Category:Tiberian Dawn characters|Tiberian Dawn Characters]]
|groupA1 = [[Global Defense Initiative]]
|contentA1 = ''[[Delphi]]'' • [[J.C. Carter]] • [[Wong Hu Chan]] • [[Robert Fielding]] • [[Ignatio Mobius]] • [[M.O. Morelli]] • [[Mark Jamison Sheppard]] • [[James Solomon]]
|groupB1 = [[Brotherhood of Nod]]
|contentB1 = {{L|Nod Commander|Tiberian Dawn}} • [[Greg Burdette]] • [[Kane]] • [[Seth]] • [[Netrunners]]
|groupC1 = Unaffiliated
|contentC1 = [[Nikoomba]]
|footer=''Names in italics are from the [[Command & Conquer: The Covert Operations|Covert Operations]] expansion pack''
}}{{#if:{{{NoCat|}}} | | <includeonly>[[Category:{{#if:{{{game|}}}|{{{game|}}}|Tiberian Dawn}} characters|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>}}

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