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Look at the size of that thing!
- Unidentified GDI soldier

Temple Prime was the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Nod during the Third Tiberium War. It was constructed in Sarajevo, at the site where the original Temple of Nod stood during the First Tiberium War.


Constructed at some point after the Firestorm Conflict, Temple Prime served as Nod's supreme headquarters during the Third Tiberium War. It was located in Sarajevo - now a part of Yellow Zone Y-1 - near the center of a massive crater. Though the origin of the crater was never explained, it was heavily implied to have been caused by the ion cannon strike that destroyed the original Temple of Nod at the end of the First Tiberium War.

Temple Prime was not only Nod's headquarters, but also its most holy temple. As such, it was arguably the most heavily defended Nod installation during the war. It was surrounded by a massive Nod base and protected by three layers of tall walls.

Three ion disruption field generators were located at key points around the temple to defend the temple against ion cannon strikes.

The Temple Prime complex also featured facilities for the processing of liquid Tiberium and the assembly of the Liquid Tiberium bomb.

CNCTW Temple Prime Layout

A: Temple Prime

B: Liquid Tiberium research lab

C:Ion shield research center

D: Temple missile complex

E: Ion Disruption Field Generators

F: Tiberium chemical plant


The first GDI attempt to besiege Temple Prime, before the Liquid Tiberium Bomb could be fully assembled, failed. A Nod Commander managed to successfully guide the needed components around the GDI base and then fortify the temple. After a skirmish, Nod reinforcements arrived and finished off the GDI presence. However, these forces soon turned out to be a renegade faction led by LEGION under the guise of general Kilian Qatar, ordering the surrender of Temple Prime. The Nod commander managed to destroy LEGION's forces before being sent to Australia.

Following a second, successful GDI siege by their own brilliant commander, one that culminated in the destruction of the Ion Disruptors, Temple Prime was obliterated by an Ion Cannon strike ordered by Redmond Boyle, which set off a chain reaction that destroyed much of the region, turning the entire Y-1 Yellow Zone into a Red Zone and brought the Scrin to Earth.


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