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The Temple of Nod is a Brotherhood of Nod structure built by the Base in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

Produced vehicles[]

Icon Unit Role
Widowmaker Widowmaker Heavy anti-infantry/aircraft
Flame tank Flame tank Heavy anti-infantry
Centurion Centurion Heavy anti-vehicle
Confessor Confessor Heavy anti-infantry/aircraft
Artillery Artillery Heavy anti-ground
Basilisk Basilisk Heavy anti-vehicle
Rockworm Rockworm Heavy anti-vehicle
Cyborg Cyborg Heavy anti-vehicle/aircraft
Avatar Avatar Superunit


  • Balance update 2019-07-02:
    • Cost to build Temple of Nod increased to 150 Tiberium.
    • Building any building other than the Temple of Nod will reduce their cost by 30 Tiberium per building.
  • 2021-06-09: Cost to build Temple of Nod increased to 180 Tiberium.

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