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The second-generation Temple of Nod was a Nod structure that appeared during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


Its design differs drastically from its predecessor's - it is streamlined and resembles an encroached scorpion much more. Stained glass panels are almost non-existent, and are replaced by sleek concrete and steel surfaces.

The main Temple of Nod stands in Cairo, near where one of the first Temples used to stand. Adjacent to it is a Nod pyramid, which houses Kane's command center and the silo of the World Altering Missile.

Not much is known about the Temple's interior. What is known is that the Temple still houses advanced research labs, acting as a prerequisite for advanced units such as the cyborg commando and the Mutant hijacker. It also has a control point for Hunter-Seeker droids.


The Second Tiberium War Temple, along with the adjacent Nod pyramid, survived the GDI victory, and was also secured by the victors. However, the security was lax, allowing a small Black Hand commando squad to infiltrate the site and regain the three core elements of CABAL, aiding in the Brotherhood's rebirth, but also almost destroying humanity in the long run.


Following the Firestorm Crisis, temples were upgraded to be able to launch a nuclear missile strike and re-enable any vehicles affected by an EMP blast.


Once built, the Temple of Nod allows the construction of a Cyborg Commando, Mutant hijacker and Fists of Nod, as well as the release of the Hunter-Seeker droid.


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