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Ten-Shi Zaibatsu is a Japanese company from Red Alert 3: Uprising.


It was formed from the merging of two of Japan's largest defence contractors - Tenzai Robotics and Shirada Shipworks, in the wake of the Empire of the Rising Sun's defeat in World War III. Ten-Shi Zaibatsu became the Empire's foremost arms manufacturer, responsible for developing new and challenging weapons of war in order to restore the glory of the Empire.


Combining the specialties of the two former rival corporations, Ten-Shi Zaibatsu developed the Giga Fortress, a giant floating naval battle platform which can transform into a floating robotic head that fires laser beams. They also rumored to be the creator of the Steel Ronin, a suit of armor that contains Imperial soldiers that disobeyed orders in battle and were sentenced to fight in these suits with a Wave-force glaive.

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