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For Red Alert 3 version, see Terror drone (Red Alert 3).

Sir! The Soviets have released their terror drones. If our tanks get too close, these mechanical arachnids will tear them to shreds.
- Eva Lee(src)

The Terror Drone is a robotic Soviet anti-armour/anti-infantry unit in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.

Official description

Terror Drones are a new robotic unit created by the Soviet military. These small, mechanical spiders scuttle across the battlefield looking for enemy vehicles. When a vehicle comes within range, the Terror Drone leaps into action, jumping inside the vehicle and dismantling it from the inside. Only a Service Depot or Outpost can remove a Terror Drone once it attacks.
- Red Alert 2 manual(src)

Game unit

Comrade, I have just received a demonstration brief of our new anti-armour weapon. They are affectionately referred to as 'Terror drones'. Do you like, Comrade? I thought you might like to play rough in battle.
- Zofia

Terror drones are very cheap, costing only $500 per unit or, if an Industrial Plant is built, a mere $375. They can be used to attack ore miners, the only downside being that they would exit a chrono miner when the latter chronoshifted back to the ore refinery.

Due to the terror drone's extremely fast speed, it is very difficult to catch them before they reach their targets, but their lack of armour makes them easy to destroy. Small-arms fire, Tesla bolts, prism beams and Mirage tank guns are sufficiently accurate to quickly destroy terror drones; tank shells and missiles are somewhat less so. Air units are ideal for scouting the map for terror drones and destroying them, since they are immune to their attacks.

Aside from a Service Depot or a Tech Outpost, an Infantry Fighting Vehicle with an engineer inside it was also fit for the task. The drone will also be destroyed if the vehicle it infects is destroyed by an outside attack, so in desperate situations, deliberately destroying one's own infected vehicles by force-firing on them will prevent other units from being attacked. Also, applying the Iron Curtain on an infected vehicle will make the terror drone completely disappear.


On rare occasions, if a drone happens to leap on an enemy infantry unit that is adjacent to a body of water, the drone will disappear. This leaves the possibility that the drone tackled the infantry into the water; killing them both simultaneously.

AI behavior

In skirmish, Terror Drones controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:


  • 1x targeting vehicles


  • 4x targeting vehicles
  • 2x guarding Ore Refineries, War Factories, Tesla Reactors and Sentry Guns
    • This strike force will only be constructed if the enemy owns 6 or more Rhino Tanks


  • 2x guarding Ore Refineries, War Factories, Tesla Reactors and Sentry Guns
    • This strike force will only be constructed if the enemy owns 8 or more Grizzly Tanks


Terror drones return in Red Alert 3, capable of swimming and replacing the squid in attacking enemy ships.


  • A Dolphin's attack will eject the Terror Drone from an infected unit; if the Dolphin's IsSonic weapon can hit the unit.
  • When attacking, the drone essentially "becomes the bullet" until it reaches and kills the target. During this phase, the drone is immune to even a Nuke blast.


  • Red Alert 2 patch 1.004: a glitch preventing the game from ending while an MCV is deployed while infected with a terror drone is fixed.



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