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Tesla's Castle is the tenth main challenge in Commander's Challenge.


The temperamental young Moskvin has taken over a strange old castle in the middle of nowhere and is using it to conduct all kinds of twisted military experiments. As the son of a late Soviet experimental technology minister, Moskvin's knowledge and tactics are valuable to us, so we need you to go ahead and engage him. Unfortunately this place is too close to the Soviet heartland so were going to fly in under the radar. Or not fly at all, to be exact. You'll have to make do without air support.


The player is restricted from building aircraft or naval units as well as their respective production structures (though when playing as the Allies, the player can still build an Airbase for the purposes of building a Defense bureau). Also, when playing as Rising Sun, the player cannot build units that can transform into an aerial form.


  • The player should be mindful of the Tesla Troopers present in the player's base at the start of the mission as they may block crucial spaces when building structures. Sometimes, they can activate their ability near Ore Refineries which can potentially disable nearby Prospectors/Ore Collectors. The player should consider building walls around the Ore Refineries to prevent the Tesla Troopers from interfering with them.
  • Moskvin will primarily attack the player's base with Tesla Troopers and Sickles.
  • Artillery vehicles are an effective way to progress through the challenge.
    • In particular, the Allies' Pacifier FAV is able to attack over the walls with its artillery bombardment weapons, while its machine guns helps make short work of the Tesla Troopers and Sickles.
      • Use the force attack command to destroy the moving Tesla Tanks, rather than leaving them on an auto-attacking behavior.
  • If expanding to the sea, Stingrays can be present.
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