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After the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Soviets introduced a new design of their Tesla trooper. It was more powerful than the old version, but more vulnerable to tanks as it could be crushed by them.

They Allies had a "counterpart" to this unit, the Legionnaire.

After the Soviet time travel, the new Tesla troopers had a similar design to this one but had far better armor and could use a secondary ability to block vehicles and they could not be crushed by tier 1 and 2 vehicles.


After the war with Yuri, the Soviets have decided to remove some of the armor of the Tesla Trooper. As a result, They are cheaper than the previous one. However, they can no longer charge Tesla Coils and they are vulnerable to all Anti-Infantry weapons.

After Cherdenko's trip to 1927, the Tesla troopers were modified and were able to charge Tesla Coils and were uncrushable again.

Game unit

The Tesla troopers fire powerful Tesla bolts that could decimate almost every unit. Like other infantry, it is vulnerable to tanks, infantry, aircraft with AG capability and superweapons - especially the atomic bomb.


See also

  • Legionnaire, Allied elite infantry
  • Rocket Angel, Imperial elite infantry
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