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AF Gameicon.png The following is based on the missions of The Aftermath and might contradict canon.

The Allied pigs have developed a new weapon called the Chronotank. This weapon appears to share technology with their despised Chronosphere, allowing it to chronoshift by itself.

They are testing this new weapon on an island that rightfully belongs to the Soviet Empire. New weapon or not, this island will be ours.

Establish a base and deploy your troops accordingly. The Allies have the advantage of a natural ridge barrier, but do not let it stop you. Let no trace of the Allies remain on our island.
- Mission briefing

Testing Grounds is the first Soviet mission in the The Aftermath expansion.[1]


The player gets a single MCV at the start of the mission. Build a base quickly and many defenses fast with Shock troopers and heavy tanks otherwise the allies will outnumber the player with either chrono tanks or other allied units. Get missile submarines and submarines to ambush the allied base from behind and get many heavy tanks to attack by land. Attack the Construction Yard first then the war factories and the refineries. Destroy the Power plants to bring their defenses offline.

Beware of the Chrono tanks teleporting into the Soviet base.


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