The Alamo in Texas, its home state.

United States of America


North America




State under US control


Soviet Union (when invaded)
United States

Appears in

The Fox and the Hound
Capture Train Station
Salvage Operation
Defend Crash Site
Destroy the GDI Research Facility
Generals Challenge


During the Third Tiberium War, Texas was classified as a Red Zone.

Texas is an American state. It's home to the Alamo, a major site in the state and American fortress to defeating her enemies. The state was also home to Malcolm Granger, the USA's air force Commander and his base is stationed at Houston.


Tiberium Universe

During the Second Tiberium War, GDI's Michael McNeil sent a small strike force to capture an important train station to stop Kane from stealing artifacts or using reinforcements to get to a Crashed UFO. The Nod forces were eventually defeated near the train station as GDI Engineers captured it and a train brought the artifacts to another site. In the Third Tiberium War, Texas was classified as a Red Zone.

Red Alert Universe

When Vladimir was killed off-screen, the Soviet Commander (GWWIII) was sent with Yuri and his Psychic Corps to track down Dugan. This classic Commando mission has lots of infiltration and capture the President, himself. The Soviets managed to capture one Allied base and bring the Engineers to paradrop reinforcements at a second base, which consists a Sniper and Tech Airport.

Generals Universe

Texas is home to USAAF Commander, Malcolm Granger as his base is stationed at Houston. The Airfields, he stationed them had consisted of King Raptor, Stealth Fighter, Aurora and Comanche aircraft. The base is also home to C-130s, that Granger took part in the fourth USA mission codenamed Black Gold.

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