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How dare she question Kane?! She feigns loyalty and obedience, but do you see how she looks at him? As if she is his equal? If she were here, I would gladly put a bullet in her. But Kane has a more elegant solution...
- Alexa Kovacs

The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar is the ninth mission in the campaign of Kane's Wrath.


Alexa Kovacs showed LEGION intercepted transmissions of General Kilian Qatar expressing doubts about Kane's decisions, furious that she treated Kane as an equal. She claimed that Kane had a plan to remove Qatar without upsetting her followers and asked LEGION to commit an unforgivable act of betrayal in the guise of Qatar: attacking Temple Prime and leaking the blueprints for the ion disruption field generators to GDI. However, she was shocked to see the avatar of CABAL suddenly appearing on LEGION's interface.

During the mission, Alexa ordered LEGION to destroy GDI's anti-air batteries outside Temple Prime, allowing her Vertigo bombers to clear the area. She then transferred a number of elite forces and an MCV to LEGION and ordered it to destroy the GDI base outside the Temple. However, she accidentally let it slip that this was not Kane's order before stopping herself. Meanwhile, her own forces also established a large base outside Temple Prime.

After the GDI base was destroyed, Alexa took control of LEGION's forces and ordered her men to claim that they have turned against Kane and attack Temple Prime. While the Temple's defenders were distracted by this unexpected betrayal, a Nod commando and a Saboteur under LEGION's command landed in the undefended south section of the Temple and infiltrated the Temple complex.

After making it through layers of defenses, the Saboteur entered Temple Prime's weapons lab and stole the ion shield blueprints, then reached the evac point using an attack bike. Alexa was pleased by this development and ordered LEGION to withdraw, not wanting to damage Temple Prime itself.


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

On Hard, your starting commando has no veterancy and can be easily killed, so you must take care to avoid taking too much damage. Move your commando due south and kill any rifleman squads you encounter. Destroy the power plant to power down the AA batteries (which prevents them from breaking your stealth), then the barracks to the east to prevent any more rifleman squads from being trained, then destroy the AA batteries one by one.

After all AA batteries are destroyed, Alexa's Vertigo bombers will level the entire area, most likely killing your commando as well. If you want to save the commando, you can save the westernmost AA battery for last, then move her to the Tiberium field to the west immediately, though losing the commando will not significantly impact the rest of the mission.

After the bombing run, you will be given a group of elite vehicles and an MCV and be ordered to destroy the GDI base outside Temple Prime. Meanwhile, a countdown to reinforcements arrival will start. The GDI base will almost certainly be overwhelmed by Alexa and Kane's forces long before the timer reaches zero, so there is no need to establish a base. Simply order all your forces to attack the base if you want to hasten its destruction.

When the GDI base is destroyed, Alexa will take control of your base and any remaining forces. Meanwhile, you will be given control of a commando and a saboteur. As the EVA instructs, use your commando to clear the way. Destroy any laser fence control towers and militant squads you encounter, but make sure to keep the saboteur close. If he dies, the mission fails.

After you reach the northeastern edge of the map, have your commando destroy the Nod power plants just east of the ion shield research center. This will disable the Obelisks of Light connected to them. Destroy the last control tower and any militant squads behind it, then have the saboteur capture the research center.

At this point, the saboteur will steal an attack bike. Once again, use your commando to clear a way out, since having the attack bike take damage will fail the bonus objective. Leave through the gate facing Alexa's base to be safe. Be sure to leave the attack bike in Alexa's base and scout the evac zone with your commando first to make sure there are no enemies waiting for you there.


  • Sometimes a rare glitch can happen where control to the army that was supposed to be transferred to Alexa will remain for the entire mission.
  • In some versions there is a bug which after victory will cause the scenario to take the player back to the menu screen rather than continuing, preventing progress in the campaign.


  • There are unused audio for this mission in which one of Alexa's soldiers express doubt about their mission, while another reminds him that orders are orders.


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