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The Cyborgs are Coming is the seventh GDI mission in the Firestorm campaign.[1]


We have lost communication with our base outside of Trondheim. Scout the area and determine the cause of this interruption. We have no tactical data on CABAL's forces in that area and we need information.


  • First Objective: Warn the local civilians of the CABAL threat.
  • Second Objective: Establish a base and destroy CABAL's forces.


GDI now faced a new threat in the form of CABAL and his cyborgs. The CABAL core that was destroyed in the previous mission turned out to be a decoy and many GDI forces were caught off-guard by CABAL's betrayal. General Cortez ordered the Firestorm Taskforce Commander to warn the civilians of CABAL's forced recruitment at Trondheim and then destroy all of CABAL's forces using a GDI base in the area. However EVA lost contact with the base before the commander could arrive in person.


While the mission was successful CABAL was too numerous and too strong for GDI to defeat alone. Even GDI's arch-nemesis, the Brotherhood of Nod, was too weak for it to defeat the rogue AI alone as well, and an all-out Nod assault on what they thought was the CABAL core turned out to be a trap set by CABAL and destroy most of the Nod forces there. To that end, Nod general Anton Slavik proposed a temporary ceasefire and unholy alliance with General Cortez against CABAL.


  • The hospital at the west part of the map spawns cyborgs at CABAL's southwest base every few seconds, giving it infinite cyborgs. The cyborgs can find and attack player structures even if they are stealthed, so building base at northwest while destroying the bridge is highly recommended.





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