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Gen2 Gameicon The following is based on the cancelled game Generals 2 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Dam is the title of an animatic for Generals 2, given to the first part of the sixth in its sequence. It is one of the nine animatics publicly released by CnCSaga in 2014.[1]


Jarmen Kell finishes planting demolition charges on a dam. He contacts Danko by radio that the charges are set. Danko betrays Kell, setting off the charges while Kell is still on the dam.

The dam collapses and water floods the entire valley. Danko's helicopter flies off into the distance as Danko declares Jarmen Kell to be a martyr and himself as the new leader of the GLA. The scene ends with a panning shot of Kell's washed-up sniper rifle.



Kell finishes planting the last demolition charge on a dam.
G2 Logo GLA Jarmen Kell: Danko, charges set. Ready for extraction.
G2 Logo GLA Danko: On our way.
Danko's helicopter flies towards Kell's position.
G2 Logo GLA Danko: Closer!
Danko readies the remote detonator.
G2 Logo GLA Danko: You've let us down our own path for quite long enough... Goodbye Kell!
Kell, shocked, attempts to run from the dam.
G2 Logo GLA Jarmen Kell: Traitorous bastard! Danko!!!
The dam explodes, unleashing a flood upon the buildings below. Danko's helicopter flies off into the distance.
G2 Logo GLA Danko: The martyrdom of Jarmen Kell shall serve as an inspiration for all of us! Follow me, great soldiers of the Global Liberation Army, and I shall lead you to glory!
Camera pans over Kell's washed up sniper rifle.





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