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The Liquid Tiberium research of GDI’s Dr. Giraud has become an impediment to Kane’s plan. The Prophet bids you to capture the good doctor. Perhaps with appropriate motivation his considerable talents could be bent to the Prophet’s will.
- Alexa to LEGION

The Doctor Vanishes is the seventh mission of the Nod campaign in Kane's Wrath.


Just as Kane planned, the Philadelphia was destroyed with nearly all of GDI's leaders on-board, and Nod's surprise attacks threw GDI into chaos. However, Kane ordered his forces to withdraw. Alexa was confused by this, to which Kane explained that he wanted to fool GDI into thinking they had won while they prepare for the next phase of their plan: preparing for the arrival of "guests" from beyond the stars.

Unbeknownst to Kane, Alexa's distrust of LEGION continued to grow. While he was away, she inserted an access card into LEGION's console to look for any record of CABAL, the Nod AI that was LEGION's predecessor and had attempted to exterminate all of humanity more than a decade ago.

Despite her doubts, Alexa continued to carry out her duties as LEGION's ward. She relayed to LEGION an order from Kane: kidnap GDI Tiberium researcher Alphonse Giraud from his laboratory in the Chilean Blue Zone, since Giraud's knowledge of liquid Tiberium may cause him to alert Redmond Boyle of Kane's plan. Kane also believed that Giraud may be persuaded to serve Nod instead.

After landing an MCV onto the Chilean coast from a Nod battleship, LEGION constructed a small base and held off waves of GDI attacks before capturing Giraud's lab. Nod forces subdued Giraud and loaded him onto a carryall for evacuation. At this point, GDI sent in a large force and attempted to shoot down Giraud's transport, but LEGION's forces were able to escort it to safety.


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

The outpost near the blue Tiberium field at the center of the map.

You start with four flame tanks and a small base. Once you gain control, immediately have your flame tanks move toward the objective. Have them kill any missile squads they encounter and destroy the GDI barracks and war factory near the blue Tiberium field (be sure to take out the Zone troopers quickly, since they can deal a lot of damage), then continue heading northwest.

At the same time, build a second Tiberium refinery, then a Hand of Nod, and buid some Shredder turrets and laser turrets to the northwest and northeast of your base. Complement them with several militant rocket squads for anti-armor and anti-air. Upgrade your power plants and build new ones as necessary. Once you have money to spare, build a Confessor cabal and have it head west, to the dock area.

The small base northwest of Giraud's lab.

Once your flame tanks reach the lab, move them northwest and burn down the small GDI base there, then have them return to the base to assist in its defense. Use your Confessors to pick up the six money crates at the docks. This should give you the money to build a secret shrine and a tech lab. Train a commando and have her head northeast toward the GDI base. If you have money to spare, build a few Obelisks and a SAM turret to bolster your defense.

Have the commando avoid any tanks and Orcas and kill any infantry in her way. Since she was trained at heroic rank, she has no problem surviving a few blasts from the sonic emitters. Have her destroy the GDI barracks and war factory to prevent them from producing any more GDI units, but do not have her approach the construction yard and the airfields, which are defended by Watchtowers with AP ammo upgrade, which can kill her very quickly.

At this point, you can safely expand to the blue Tiberium field in the center. Build an Emissary, two Mantises, and two Purifiers (to deal with any leftover tanks) and have them move to the Tiberium field. Destroy the sonic fence surrounding it and build a refinery. Also build a Hand of Nod and train a few saboteurs to capture the civilian Tiberium silos.

Now is the time to mop up the GDI base. Build a few Specters and use them to destroy any remaining GDI base defenses, then capture the GDI space port for the bonus objective. You should also capture the construction yard and other remaining buildings to gain access to GDI units, which will be important for the next phase of the mission. You should at least have one GDI war factory, one airfield, and one tech center.

GDI bringing in reinforcements.

Before you capture Giraud's lab, prepare for the GDI counterattack. You will need a lot of tanks and anti-air units. GDI's Slingshot would be very helpful. You should also keep an airfield full of Firehawks in reserve, all loaded with anti-air missiles. Move most of your units to the docks, but remember to keep enough to cover the distance some between Giraud's lab and your starting base. Once all of your preparations are finished, capture the lab.

Once the lab is captured, Giraud will board a Carryall, which will fly toward the Nod battleship. At this point, GDI will send in two aircraft carriers to the dock area, which will spawn Hammerheads, and continuously bring in ground units via V-35 Ox and Hovercraft. Your main force should be able to destroy most of those units, but make sure to have your secondary force destroy any stragglers before they can attack Giraud's Carryall. Note that GDI will also try to ambush the transport by positioning Hammerheads loaded with missile squads above the Nod battleship. Simply build a SAM turret near the battleship to destroy them.

Once Giraud's carryall reaches the southeastern edge of the map, the mission is complete.


  • There is a continuity error regarding the location of this mission. While the mission briefing mentions that this mission takes place in Chile, in the Tiberium Wars mission Sarajevo, General Granger mentioned that Dr. Giraud was in Brazil at the time of his kidnapping.
  • There is a statue near Dr. Giraud's lab of Nick Parker, the player character from Command and Conquer: Renegade.
  • The Nod battleship near your starting location is purely decorative, and will not assist you in anyway.
  • Both of the GDI aircraft carriers appearing in the mission are name GDS Pathe, the name of the carrier that was sunk during the Tiberium Wars mission Hampton Roads. Presumably, this was a developer oversight, and they accidentally used the Pathe instead of the generic GDI carrier.


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