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The Dragon Unleashed is the first mission in the Chinese campaign of Zero Hour. The operation marked the beginning of the Chinese liberation of Europe.[1]


Prior to the mission the GLA made a daring attack on the USA's European Central Command in Stuttgart and succeeded, in part due to captured Chinese military assets. China launches a retaliatory Nuclear Missile strike to decimate the base before deploying their forces to finish remaining threats.



The Chinese forces arrived south of Stuttgart's main city. Establishing a base of operations the Chinese General was given access to many Chinese technologies including Inferno Cannons, Speaker Towers, and even a single but powerful Overlord.

As the Chinese built up their strike force the GLA soon discovered the Chinese presence and immediately raided the Chinese base. The Chinese strike force broke free and started rolling towards the GLA base at what had been the US Central Command. On the way the strike team captured a small but dysfunctional American outpost and produced some Humvees and Crusaders to scout ahead of the strike team into the city. The Chinese also captured some tech buildings to aid in the assault.

Stuttgart itself was booby-trapped with cloaked demo-traps and GLA units hiding to ambush the Chinese. However they were all snuffed out by the newest addition to the Chinese arsenal: the Listening outpost. Several times the joint Sino-American force was attacked by GLA Rocket buggies and Scorpions in the city and on open countryside but all attacks were quickly repelled.

Wiping out the GLA[]

With the city and surrounding areas cleansed of the GLA forces, the Chinese forces cornered the survivors at their last base at the former US Central Command. After rendering the few access routes cleared of booby-traps, the Chinese strike force moved in. Despite a gallant but futile defense by the GLA, the Chinese forces pressed forward and soon decimated the last of the GLA in Stuttgart.


The Chinese forced the GLA out and reinstated Chinese control of the area. China reportedly regretted launching a nuclear strike on Europe to clear out the GLA in retaliation and vowed that it will restrain its usage of tactical nukes. However the Chinese news reports also stated that the GLA had infiltrated Chinese borders once more and prepared to attack a major nuclear power station in retaliation for the Chinese victory in Stuttgart.


Initially,build a base and use your initial forces to capture the US War Factory,Barracks and Cold Fusion Reactor in the side,guarded by GLA forces. Then build as many as you can with a mix of US and Chinese forces. The city is crawling with GLA traps and forces, use Inferno Cannons and Listening Outposts to sniff out the threat. Capture the Oil Derricks,Artillery Platforms and Repair Bay to support the attack.

The GLA base is on the other side,with Demo Traps laid on the access areas and strong defenses are in place. Force an attack on them and eliminate the defenders and capture GLA base as a retaliation of what they have done.


  • As a continuity to Sneak Attack, the map uses the same layout of, albeit smaller than, the GLA campaign, with the Chinese base situating near the area the splinter cell established their base. One small changes is that the neutral USA War Factory and Barracks is on the east side of the Player's starting location, something which did not appear in GLA campaign.
  • The USA infrastructure are left in a near identical way to the appearance in Sneak Attack, but is only left for visual appearance; you cannot capture or destroy it, nor would the GLA use this troops to attack you. As environmental debris, it can be removed by building structures over it (overlapping the empty space with the debris)




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