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RA2Sovietlogo The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Red Alert 2 and might contradict canon.
Our victory is near at hand. The President has successfully eluded us, but we have tracked him to a dirty little fort called 'The Alamo' in San Antonio, Texas. You must use our Psi-Corps Troopers to mind control the President and force him to surrender the United States.
- Mission briefing

Operation: The Fox and the Hound is the ninth mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.[1]


General Vladmir was found cowering in a closet by a Soviet officer. However, he was disposed offscreen as Yuri diverted the Commander's attention to other important matters from seeing the gunshot. So far, US President Michael Dugan had evaded Soviet capture, but he was at last tracked to San Antonio, Texas - hiding in the Alamo. Yuri tasked his General to mind-control the President, so as to easily submit the weakening American forces and surrender the United States all over it.

Force composition[]

The Soviets were unable to launch a full-scale attack, and therefore opted for a more covert strategy. They had a squad of Psi-corps Troopers as their main force. They quickly captured an IFV and used enemy engineers to capture a small outpost. They also mind-controlled a Sniper and captured a Tech Airport, giving them access to reinforcements. All in all, the Soviets only had a small force, but were able to mind-control enemies.

The Allies on the other hand, had a major force. They had legions of Navy Seals, Attack Dogs, and GIs stationed at their heavily defended base around the Alamo. These were supported by Grizzly tanks and IFVs, along with armed civilians. However, there was one major mistake with the Allied defenses: two outposts were weakly defended and easy for the Soviets to capture.

Key units[]

RA2 Psi-Corps Trooper Icons RA2 Engineer Icons RA2 Spy Icons


Listen to me you Soviet scum: you can root around all you want, but you'll never find me, and you'll never take me! You call yourself a general? Haha! We're laughing at you, Red!
- Dugan taunting the Soviet Commander about the mission.

When the mission started, the Soviet airforce paradropped a large squad of Conscripts and some Tesla Troopers to take the President by force. The Prism Tower beams and Navy SEALs massacred them.

However, it was only a distraction, intended to allow a team of Psi-Corps troopers to safely land in the city. President Dugan contacted the Commander shortly afterwards, gloating about his fortress. In his transmission, Dugan called the Soviet Commander "scum" and that all of the Allies are laughing at him.

First, the Soviets captured a patrolling IFV and went to a small outpost to the south-east that was undefended. Here they found 6 loaded trucks. They were destroyed for a massive cash bonus and the soviets destroyed other IFVs patrolling the streets.

The Soviet IFV blew open the wall surrounding the Alamo at a point where there are no Prism towers and killed the attack dogs and GI to make an opening. After this, the three Psi-Corps Troopers moved to a small nearby fort in the north with a barracks and Battle Lab. They began by turning the two GIs guarding the entrance against each other. Then they were disposed of by attacking the Alamo.

Then, the Soviets "persuaded" the engineers to join the Soviet cause and captured the Battle Lab and Barracks. Afterwards, the invaders moved against the second support base in the east, destroyed the pill boxes guarding the entrance, and killed the remaining defenders.

The Soviets mind-controlled the Sniper stationed at the base and occupied the Tech Airport. Then, the Sniper eliminated the SEALs around the Alamo. The Soviets also used the Sniper to take out the Attack dogs. Then they exploited the weakness in the Alamo's defense on the west side of the base. They breached the walls, infiltrated the base with Spies, and sabotaged the Power plants.

The USSR used the confusion to destroy the Prism towers, slaughtering the defenders and grabbing the President. The Secret Service agents were killed with the Sniper.


World leaders tremble in fear at the mention of our psychic troops. With you in command, no one is safe.
- The mission debriefing when played faster than at par time
The President is ours to command. You will be rewarded for your zeal.
- The mission debriefing when played slower than at par time

With the president taken by the Soviets, he ordered the USA to surrender. Soon, most of the Allies lost the will to fight, and Europe also fell. However, not everything was over. Parts of Canada and Alaska were still under Allied control. Furthermore, Albert Einstein finished construction of a Weather Control Device in the US Virgin Islands. American resistance grouped around that superweapon.



  • Capture the Allied Barracks and Battle Lab.
  • Capture the Hospital at the starting point.
  • Capture the 2 IFVs that patrol the area.
  • Capture the Neutral Repair Depot to the south and destroy the Trucks.
  • Capture the Tech Airfield to pour reinforcements. This is the only way the player can get Conscripts in this mission (other than selling the captured Allied buildings).
  • Capture the Sniper to kill the SEALs and the Attack Dogs. The Sniper can also attack the two Grizzly Tanks to lure them out.
  • Break the wall after eliminating the patrols.
  • The Nighthawk Transport can be used to eliminate all units. Just find a way to destroy the single Patriot Missile System as it is the only threat to the Nighthawk Transport.
  • Use GIs or Conscripts to garrison the building surrounding the main Allied base.
  • The player can win the mission without having to use Spies. The player should use the IFV to get all the crates near the Repair Depot and use said IFV to destroy the Power Plants to render the towers offline (the player would need to be careful not to get in the Prism Towers' range).
  • Attacking the Power Plants will trigger response from the enemy, sending either two SEALs or one SEAL and one Grizzly Tank at a time, which can be dealt with using the IFV supported by another Psi-Corp.
  • Mind-controlled SEALs and Grizzly Tanks from the said response after attacking the Power Plants are difficult to control as they will always automatically target either a nearby enemy or a Prism Tower.
  • Mind-control the Secret Service is ill-advised as it will trigger a much larger response including SEALs, Grizzly Tanks and Attack Dogs.


  • The Allies are using Soviet Attack Dogs instead of their own.
    • May be tied to the Allied Dog having the ID ADOG, while the Soviet Dog has DOG. It's possible the Allies and Soviets still shared their canine scouts by the time this mission was made. Note this is pure speculation.
      • In previous games made by Westwood, common infantry and common buildings were shared by the factions; it stands to reason the same applies here.
  • This is the only mission in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge in which a key unit, the Allied Spy, belongs to a different faction.
  • In game files there exists an early version of the mission where Soviets are supposed to capture the president before he gets evacuated. All the scripts and triggers are fully implemented but the mission can't be directly loaded in game because the terrain is corrupted.



President Dugan taunting the commander


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