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The Messiah Returns is the first Nod mission in Tiberian Sun.[1]

CABAL briefing

Hassan is determined to stop you at any cost. He has pursued us back to a small base near his HQ. We must fend off his assault and build a Tiberium Refinery so we have the means to strike back.

  • Objective One: Get production online by building a Tiberium Refinery.
  • Objective Two: Destroy all of Hassan's Elite Guard.


After the First Tiberium War in part due to the apparent death of Kane, Nod's unity collapsed and the organization splintered, although the GDI were far too weak to take advantage of this in order to fully reconquer the lands Nod had gained during that war, particularly in Africa.

The resulting Nod splinter factions eventually coalesced under the control of General Hassan of Egypt. But General Hassan had a shameful secret, in return for allowing him to safely remain in charge of Egypt and the Brotherhood he would carefully limit the level of hostilities between Nod and GDI forces to within certain bounds acceptable to the GDI.

Even as Nod forces fought the GDI in many places believing General Hassan to be with them; he for his part had arranged that they would never actually win and in return GDI would never utterly crush Nod holdings. But some individuals power could not be contained so easily and one such individual was Anton Slavik, the leader of the Black Hand; somehow he would have to be removed.

He was sentenced to death for GDI espionage (an almost certainly false charge). The execution was to be carried out in public and transmitted via the Nod News Network to Nod followers worldwide. The method? Lethal injection (with a "100% toxin and no sedative" mixture).

The execution was proceeding smoothly until Slavik was suddenly liberated by a group of Anti-Hassan Nod rebels led by Slavik's future second-in-command, a female reporter known as Oxanna Kristos. After being transported to the Montauk, a subterranean Nod command vehicle, Slavik swiftly reassumed command after killing an American man who he believed had betrayed him to Hassan.

Acting on CABAL's advice, he had retreated to the main Black Hand base in Libya from Egypt to regroup and prepare to retaliate against the enemy.


Hassan's Elite Guard had been sent to finally kill Anton Slavik and Oxanna Kristos as part of a cover-up of the earlier incident. But they had underestimated the power of the Black Hand and the support that Anton Slavik had among them.

Running into laser turrets they had not expected to encounter the loyalist's advance was swiftly halted. Once inside the base Anton Slavik was able to defeat Hassan's guards and wipe them all out after constructing a Tiberium refinery and assembling a force of soldiers albeit only with basic weaponry.


Having defeated the force of Elite Guards, Anton Slavik was able to swiftly secure the surrounding area. The First Nod Reunification War had begun.



Briefing (Nod intro)
Raising a Nod flag (mission accomplished cinematic)

Behind the scenes



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