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- Bingham

The Moon Shall Never Have Them is the ninth and final Allied mission of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.[1]


Now knowing that the Soviet Union had indeed abandoned the Allies at Tokyo and instead planned a devastating attack on major Allied cities, the Allies still managed to stop the Soviet plans at Havana in Cuba. Everything Dr. Gregor Zelinsky said to Field Marshal Bingham in regards to Premier Cherdenko's manipulation of time to save the Soviet Union from defeat was true, and Bingham felt the time was right to "make the Soviets pay for their lies and betrayal".

Allied intelligence revealed the majority of the Soviet forces, as well as Cherdenko and General Krukov, were stationed at Leningrad to protect the Peter and Paul Fortress. Cherdenko had the fortress converted into a shuttle launch facility to transport himself to the Moon. Destroying the fortress was necessary if the Allies wanted to arrest Cherdenko and Krukov and charge them for war crimes. To achieve this, Bingham sent his best field commander and Warren Fuller to assault Leningrad.

New additions[]

RA3 Proton Collider Icons



We're shrinking down some MCVs to run through the strong Soviet resistance. Set up a base deep in their territory so we can move in some forces.
- Eva

An advance guard of Apollo Fighters and Cryocopters attempted to fly over the southern plateau of the city, but were shot down by Soviet forces. Fortunately, the guard bought the Allies enough time to send in their main forces.

At the beginning of the battle, the Allies shrank several MCVs by using Cryocopters to get them quickly behind Soviet lines. When that rather risky move was successfully done, the Allies Chronoed in Mirage tanks to help clear the area from Soviet forces. The tanks quickly began engaging the Soviets, burning infantry with their spectrum cannons and employing their camouflage and gap generators to confuse the Soviets further.

As the Allies got closer to the Construction Yard, the Soviets quickly positioned several Apocalypse Tanks and turned on their magnetic harpoons. As the mirage tanks closed in, the tanks desperately began drawing in the Allied tanks and shredding them with the grinder at the front of the vehicle. Fortunately, the other Allied tanks quickly adjusted fire to destroy the tanks before they could totally grind up the victims.

With the last line of defensive units out of the way, the mirage tanks quickly shifted attention to the Soviet structures, destroying the Construction Yard and the nearby Flak Cannons and eliminating the Soviet presence from the plateau.

That done, Premier Cherdenko revealed his final, somewhat insane, plan.

Commander, you’ve rained on my glorious parade! For this, I’m sending everything I’ve got at you. But I won’t let you have the satisfaction of catching me. I’m escaping to the ONE place that hasn’t been corrupted by capitalism! SPACE!
- Premier Cherdenko

The Allies were faced with a race against time (50 minutes on Easy difficulty, 30 on Normal, 20 on Hard) to destroy the fortress before the Premier’s shuttle was launched from it.

Fall of the Iron Curtain[]

RA3 The Moon Shall Never Have Them

Soviet Premier's fortress under Iron Curtain effect

“Maybe we should let them go to the Moon!"
"That fancy fortress explains why the Reds choose to make a stand at Leningrad of all places.”

- Warren and a Spy

The Soviet Premier's fortress in the middle of the island was protected by seven Iron Curtains and his elite guard, which were protected by the Iron Curtains too. Because of that, the Allied Commander had to focus on taking down those Iron Curtains. Warren decided to take the western three devices, while the Unknown Commander decided on the eastern three.

The first one was protected by War Factories and many vehicles. The Allies sent Guardian Tanks and Mirage Tanks to counter the horde of vehicles. In an ensuing tank battle between Allied Guardian and Soviet Hammer tanks, the Iron Curtain was destroyed, along with some of the Factories. The Allies then captured the remaining the Soviet War Factories and the battle lab to prevent the Soviets from deploying more Apocalypse tanks. The Allies, proceed with the next plan to destroy the Soviets, activating the Mirage Tanks’ GAP Generators while having some Apocalypse Tanks and Bullfrogs escorting to the next target.

The second curtain was surrounded by garrisons of Flak Troopers and Conscripts, but heavy bombardment from Athena Cannons utterly destroyed those garrisons and the Flak Troopers were killed. The Iron Curtain was then obliterated from space with a laser.

The third Iron Curtain was guarded by some ground troops, including a single Apocalypse tank, and MiGs from several Airfields. Using a blast from the Proton Collider to destroy the Airfields and the guards, this cleared the way for bombers to level the third curtain.

The western Iron Curtain bases were set up in a similar way, enabling Commander Warren to progress almost as fast as the Commander on the eastern side, which would help in moving to the final Iron Curtain. One of the Iron Curtains were protected heavily with Apocalypse Tanks so instead of doing a frontal assault, Spies bribed the Apocalypse Tanks and the Apocalypse Tanks begin serving the Allies by firing their Drakon vehicles, on the Soviet bases and destroying the Iron Curtain. The Allied army marched on and destroyed the remaining Soviet bases.

The Vacuum Imploder[]

I’ve got something up my sleeve for you Commander. Why don’t you come a little closer to my base?
- Krukov bringing a Vacuum Imploder superweapon online

As soon as the third Iron Curtain was destroyed by the Allied Commander, Soviet Commander Krukov brought a Vacuum Imploder online, planning to destroy the Allied base. Through luck and cunning, Warren had just destroyed his third curtain, which enabled the Allies to perform a pincer move, crushing the base, killing Natasha (seemingly, although this was never officially confirmed), and destroying the final Iron Curtain and the Vacuum Imploder before it could fire.

Casualties were very high for both sides in the attack. The Soviets had well-coordinated defenses, with Tesla Coils defending the two bridges leading into the Soviet base, while Flak Cannons and MiGs covered the sky. Dreadnoughts were docked in the canals, prepared to pound the Allies as they advanced.

Soviet Apocalypse and Tesla tanks rolled out to meet the Allies' assault. However, the Allies had brought Athena Cannons and Mirage Tanks to the party, along with the full might of the Allied air force. Vindicators made bombing runs on the Soviet armored divisions, while Apollo and MiGs tore each other, down to shreds in the skies above.

“We’re running out of time, Commander. Don’t let the Premier get away!”
”Are you not going to make it to my send-off, Commander?”

- Field Marshal Robert Bingham and Premier Cherdenko as the shuttle nears its launch

Century Bombers made bombing runs on the Dreadnoughts in the canals, removing them from the battle. Eventually, the combined arms of the Allies overwhelmed the Soviet defenders, and the Iron Curtains and the Vacuum Imploder were destroyed.

One Final Siege[]

“Five minutes until shuttle launch. The situation is reaching critical mass.”
”Dasvidaniya, Commander! I'll send you a postcard from my space station!”

- Allied advisor warning of short time remaining, and Cherdenko seeing the Shuttle close to launch

Now, as the Iron Curtains were down, the fortress was still heavily defended by numerous Soviet units, such as Tesla Tanks, MiGs, Kirovs, Desolator Bombers, V4 rocket launchers and Apocalypse Tanks, to name a few. In addition, the fortress was heavily armoured and, as such, very hard to destroy. Nonetheless, the Allies had their Proton Colliders ready to fire, which resulted in a devastating effect on the island-fortress.

Krukov sent a final Apocalypse tank battalion in an attempt to kill Warren but was destroyed by a Mirage Ambush and a Century Bombing Run by the Commander.

With most of the defenses destroyed, the MiGs and Kirovs shot down from the sky, and troops ready to be chronoed onto the island, a final bombing run was performed to clean the field in front of the fortress. The Allied Commanders used the Chronosphere to send their best units, which included several Athena Cannons and Mirage Tanks, to the island. Once there, the Mirage Tanks destroyed the final roaming Soviet units, while the Athena Cannons colored the spaceship to pieces, resulting in a spectacular strike which leveled the entire castle and the spaceship with it.


It's been a privilege and an honor sir. You are a fine commander and a true hero to the Allies.
- Warren

BCN made headlines, that both Premier Cherdenko and General Krukov are imprisoned in a cryoprison to stop them from escaping and starting war again. In London, Bingham tells the Commander that it was excellent that Soviet forces had surrendered, but a new war will be coming soon and Eva McKenna invites the Allied Commander to his date with Tanya, in the process.

But that was merely a prologue of yet another bloody chapter of human history and the beginning of the Allies' worries in this new age, as the Tatsu-led puppet government in Japan is about to be besieged by the remaining shogunate, namely Kenji Tenzai, Shinzo Nagama and Takara Sato. Meanwhile, Tatsu has plans for the Soviets and Allies - plans that can very well mean Imperial independence.

The tremor within after-war Allies also surfaces in the form of FutureTech under the ambitious hand of EU president Rupert Thornley. Armed with the full arsenal of democracy and willing to be relentless against any possible threats, fears and suspicions have been raised as the once-greatest contributor of peace might have become the new warmonger. The difference between "victory" and "liberty" was never depended on who won the war, but how to win the war.

What's more, reports of a "Soviet Underground" were starting to spread, showing that the Soviet Union's far from defeated. And as if that is not enough, one of the Empire's bioweapons, for reasons yet to be known, is about to tear the entire Shiro Psychic Research Facility apart from the inside once more...

The Uprising has begun.


The first part is deploying the Allied MCVs to two locations. Be sure to take a wide path to the target, around the Ore Mines, to avoid being crushed by patrolling Hammer tanks, while keeping an eye on the timer indicating when the shrink effect will wear off. The target location is indicated by flares that appear one by one in a circle as the timer ticks down, with an objective marker in the centre. This is also where your reinforcements of five Mirage Tanks will arrive.

The next part involves using these Mirage Tanks to destroy the Soviet forces present in the bases' area. Beware: losing even one will make the mission harder. Destroy the Hammer Tanks and Apocalypse Tanks first, then the Soviet base structures. Beware of the Apocalypse Tanks using their special magnetic harpoon ability to drag your tanks towards them and grind them to shreds.

The next part involves building up an army to counter the Soviets and destroying all of the Iron Curtains. All main objectives at this point must now be completed within a time limit or the player will fail the mission. The time limit given depends on the selected difficulty; the player gets 50, 30, or 20 minutes on Easy, Medium and Hard respectively. Warren will focus on the Iron Curtains on the west side of the map, so the player should focus on the eastern side. If the player focuses on the right side, use the Mirage Tanks to immediately begin sieging the base to the right of the player's initial base. The prescence of an Ore Mine on this section here makes it suitable for a base expansion.

The Proton Collider is now available to be built, which can be used to destroy the Soviet bases with. Note that Warren will also build one and each time it is ready to fire, the player can ask him to target an Iron Curtain with it and this can be done in tandem with the player's own Proton Collider to deal even more damage. Beware of Natasha who will snipe your tank pilots.

Note that capturing Iron Curtains with Engineer, then selling or destroying it will also count towards completing the main objective. As such, consider building a transport vehicle (Multigunner IFV or Riptide ACV) with an engineer in it, then use the Chronosphere to teleport the vehicle right besides an Iron Curtain.

After three of them get destroyed, Krukov will arrive with a base surrounding the top-right Iron Curtain, including a Vacuum Imploder to siege the player's base with. The Vacuum Imploder can be destroyed as part of a bonus objective. He will also dispatch some Tesla and Apocalypse tanks.

Once the Iron Curtains are all destroyed, the shuttle launch facility on the island is vulnerable but it is guarded by Tesla Tanks, V4s, Migs and Kirovs. Use aerial forces to get around the Soviet Units, or better yet, use the Chronosphere to teleport a transport vehicle with Tanya then have her destroy the structure with a single C4 charge.




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