The Omega Program
Par Time


Unit Unlocked

Yuriko Omega


1 vs 1

Map Used

Battlebase Octopon

Fog of War



High-Water Mark


Behind the Iron Curtain

Side Unlocked


The Omega Program is a Commander's Challenge operation after both Douglas Hill and Shinzo Nagama were pathetically defeated. The Futuretech Commander has another mission to do, this time that Takara Sato from the Cat Fight incident is back on his souls. She's bringing in her friend, Yuriko Omega to testify at his new stationed garrison. The Commander is keen to keep his valuable forces back and said to use defenses in stopping her. FutureTech also reveals that Izumi, Yuriko's friend is her partner. Takara says where's her friend after she got defeated and leaves the area. It's the twenty-second mission after High-Water Mark and before the next mission, Behind the Iron Curtain.


In The Omega Program challenge, FutureTech is sent to the Indian Ocean near the southern tip of India to capture the final Commando of all three enemies: Yuriko Omega. Her two equivalents, both Natasha Volkova and Tanya were captured in both north-eastern Brazil, and the Coral Sea. Takara Sato has the ruthless woman who had escaped Shimada's reign of terror at the Shiro Sanitarium in Tokyo and FutureTech failed their mission to kill her in Guam during the Yuriko campaign's mission, The Traceless Massacre.

The Futuretech Commander has to capture her before he gets defeated by three of Takara's bases in the Indian Ocean. Despite his determination of the unreactive defeat in Guam, he destroys all three of Takara's bases and captures Yuriko Omega within his arsenal. The enemy Commander was defeated and said about the Yuriko Omega clones before saying that she should've won the entire battle on her own against the victors who had stolen nearly twenty-five techs within the Commander's Challenge, itself.

Briefing Information

  • Teams: 1 vs 1
  • Enemies: Takara Sato
  • Tech Unlocked: Yuriko Omega
  • The player also starts with his chosen faction's commando.
  • The one commando limit, is lifted during this mission, assuming the player has already unlocked the commando for whichever faction chosen.


  • If not concerned about an under-par time, the Allied option can be a great choice - Spies in Multigunner turrets and Multigunner IFVs will prove to be extremely effective against the Yuriko clones as they will snipe them in one shot before they can even get into attacking range. A perimeter of sniper turrets will keep the clones at bay, while just two Multigunner IFVs with Spies in them can escort Tanya around the battlefield while she destroys buildings and Collectors with her explosives.
    • Given the fact that an unlimited number of Tanyas can be trained, one could quickly build three teams of two Multigunner IFVs loaded with Spies escorting one Tanya each, then each team head off for a base to speed up the destruction.
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