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The White House is the final Act I mission in the GDI campaign of Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. In this mission, GDI forces retake the White House, which was captured by Nod during their earlier offensive.[1]

New units[]

  • Predator tanks


With most of Washington, D.C. back under GDI control, only one target remained: the White House. Though it had no strategic value, Nod's capture of the White House dealt a serious morale blow to GDI forces, and its recapture would be a great symbolic victory. For this mission, the Commander was given access to air support from the newly recaptured Langley Air Force Base.

Nod concentrated much of their high-end military hardware in an outpost in front of the destroyed GDI logistics center, including flame tanks, beam cannons, and Avatars. However, the outpost was poorly defended against air attacks, having only two SAM turrets. The Commander's missile squads destroyed the SAM turrets, allowing Firehawks from Langley to destroy the outpost.

After the outpost was destroyed, GDI reinforcements, including an MCV, landed via Ox transports. The Commander began establishing a base in order to destroy the Nod base in front of the White House. However, the Nod base erected several disruption towers, concealing it from view.

Eventually, however, the Commander destroyed the disruption towers and Nod's production structures, liberating the White House and replacing the Nod banners hanging on it with GDI banners.


(This walkthrough assumes Hard difficulty.)

You start with four missile squads. Have two attack each SAM turret, but make sure to keep them out of the range of the Shredder turret. Once the SAM turrets are gone, use the Firehawk Airstrike power to destroy the Nod outpost.

With the outpost gone, you will receive an MCV and some reinforcements. Quickly build a Crane (which unlocks an Intelligence Database entry), then build a barracks, an armory, a command post, and two refineries. Train four sniper teams and put them into the marked structures to complete the bonus objective.

In the northwest corner of the map, there are six Nod power plants, which supply the White House disruption towers with power. In the northeast corner, there is a secret shrine. Both of these are protected by garrisoned buildings, so you will need grenadier squads in APCs to clear them out. Destroying them completes two bonus objectives, and destroying the secret shrine gives an Intelligence Database entry.

There are two civilian Tiberium silos northwest and northeast of your base. Use APCs to transport engineers there and capture them for additional funds, but make sure you have enough Tiberium capacity first. Construct a Tiberium silo before capturing them to be safe. After they are captured, you can destroy them to spread some additional Tiberium for your harvesters.

Now is the time to take on the main base. You need to take out the Nod war factory using Predator tanks as quickly as possible to prevent Nod from building more vehicles. Ten Predator tanks should be enough, but watch out for militant rocket squads. Support your Predator tanks with at least five APCs loaded with snipers and grenadiers

Once the Nod war factory is destroyed, mop up the remaining infantry with your APCs, then destroy the two Hands of Nod. This will neutralize all of Nod's production facilities. At this point, simply destroy the construction yard and the disruption towers to complete the mission.


  • It is possible to complete this mission without using the Firehawks, by managing the Missile Squads to take out the Shredder Turrets before destroying the rest of the outpost.
    • By doing this, the player is able to get four heroic Missile Squads. Destroying one Avatar fully promotes one Missile Squad.
    • The player will not complete the "Destroy the Nod air defenses" Primary objective however.
    • The player does complete the "Use your Firehawk Airstike power on Nod's artillery outpost" objective despite not using the Firehawk Airstrike power, due to the completion of this objective being triggered when all the Nod units are destroyed and not the deployment of the Firehawks.
    • If the player never uses the Firehawk Airstrike, the Firehawks can be seen on the ground once the battlefield expands.


Mission playthrough (THE ZOD)


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