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The White House isn't really tactical, they don't run Central Command from there or anything, but it is an important monument so if you sack it you'll create a nice diversion for yourself.
- Ajay(src)

The White House is one of the first two missions available in the Act I of the Nod campaign in Tiberium Wars.


One of the key targets in Blue Zone B-2 was the White House. While it was now little more than a tourist attraction, GDI would still divert significant forces to protect it due to its symbolic importance, so attacking it would serve as a distraction from more important targets.

The Nod Commander was given command of a strike team which infiltrated into downtown DC. The Commander built up a force and attacked an important GDI logistics center south of the White House to provoke a response from GDI. The logistics center was weakly defended, and was quickly destroyed.

The White House was defended by a small GDI base with several production structures. In order to assist in its defense, GDI deployed a large number of V-35 Ox transports carrying reinforcements. However, these forces had to be diverted from the Pentagon, leaving it vulnerable and open to Nod attacks.

Despite GDI reinforcements, the Nod Commander captured the White House and put up several Nod banners across the building, dealing a severe morale blow to GDI.



  • Destroy the GDI Logistics Center
  • Destroy the remaining GDI forces guarding the White House


  • Capture two Tiberium Silos to fund this mission
  • Capture two Tiberium Spikes to fund this mission
  • Destroy 5 Ox Transports

Intelligence Database entries[]

  • Nod Field Intelligence - Tiberium Spikes
  • Kane's Arsenal - Hand of Nod
    • Automatic
  • Kane's Arsenal - Nod War Factory
    • Automatic


(This mission assumes Hard difficulty.)

TW White House logistics building

The GDI logistics center and the nearby barracks

There is no Tiberium in this mission, so the two Tiberium spikes east and west of your starting location are your only sources of income. There are also two civilian Tiberium silos northeast and northwest of the logistics center. Capture them only when you are low on cash, as your funds cannot go over 7300 - any additional credits is simply discarded.

The logistics center is only defended by a barracks and several rifleman squads. Your raider buggies should make quick work of them. You may capture the barracks instead of destroying it, though this is not necessary. Build some more militant rocket squads and attack bikes before attacking the logistics center.

TW White House base

The GDI base defending the White House

After the logistics center is destroyed, the battlefield will expand, showing the White House and the base defending it. GDI will also begin sending reinforcements via Ox transports. The route of the incoming reinforcements will be marked on your map, so shooting them down should be easy. Note that shooting down an Ox grants your units enough veterancy to reach Heroic instantly, so consider doing it before attacking the White House.

The White House base consists of four power plants, two barracks, a war factory, and a command post. It is defended by two watchtowers, which will be rebuilt after being destroyed. The only way to shut down the watchtowers for good is to destroy the power plants. Focusing your fire on the production structures may be a better idea. Simply spam attack bikes. Once all production structures are destroyed, the mission is complete.


  • The GDI arsenal is not locked: if the player capture the GDI war factory and build an MCV, they can gain access to many late-game units that would not appear for many missions, including the Mammoth tank, the Juggernaut, and the ion cannon control center.
  • The White House is immune to all damage in this mission.
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