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Things Fall Apart is the first Nod mission of Tiberian Twilight.[1] It depicts the Nod perspective of Gideon's attack on New Adana.


Kane informed

Kane is informed of a tracking lock on Col. James, soon revealed to be heading towards New Adana.

When given the choice of siding with either Col. Louise James or Kane, Commander Parker decided to join Kane on the GST Uzziel three days later. As a first task, Kane commands Parker to lead loyal Nod forces into New Adana to realign the TCN Hub in the city. However, Gideon has also chosen this time to launch his own attack on New Adana, believing it to be a sort of judgment day for New Adana's military forces and civilians alike. This made rescuing civilians another objective, personally for Commander Parker, because his wife, Lillian Parker, was among them.


Taking the Hub[]

Parker's Nod forces initially deployed behind a sonic fence, separating them from an army of Nod Separatist rioters who rampantly attacked any sort of structure in the vicinity. Blasting through New Adana's sonic fence and defending GDI forces, Parker's forces entered New Adana and took control of New Adana's TCN Hub.

Protecting Refugees[]

A convoy of three civilian transports then arrived near the TCN Hub, one of them containing Lillian Parker. Commander Parker's forces proceeded to escort the transports to the edge of the city, at which they were overwhelmed by Separatist Rioters. The transport containing Lillian Parker was destroyed, but the other two transports were escorted by Commander Parker's forces to the edge of the combat zone.


Kane promised Commander Parker that he would search for any evidence as to the fate of his wife. In the meantime, Kane continued his plan of aligning the TCN Hubs, next targeting the Pacific Hub in Guam.


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