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There are nineteen of these towers being built on Earth. Each of them will soon be a gateway, an interstellar passage to worlds beyond.
- Kane(src)

Threshold towers, or Thresholds, were massive structures constructed by the Scrin for planetary Tiberium extraction. They were capable of extracting Tiberium in a large radius, before processing them and sending them to Ichor Hub through teleportation. Upon completion, these structures become impervious to physical damage.[1]

During the Third Tiberium War, the Scrin attempted to construct nineteen Thresholds in Earth's Red Zones. Eighteen of these towers were destroyed by the GDI, but the last remaining tower, Threshold 19, reached completion. This tower would later become a key part of the the Tiberium Control Network during the Fourth Tiberium War.


Holy crap, that tower's enormous!
- Anonymous GDI soldier(src)

The construction of Threshold towers was the first stage of the Scrin's planetary Tiberium extraction process. These massive towers could extract and process all Tiberium from a large radius before sending them to Ichor Hub through an interstellar gateway, which was capable of instantaneous matter transmission. In addition, Scrin forces also used the Threshold for transportation, as demonstrated when Foreman 371 retreated to Ichor Hub.[1]

The Thresholds were constructed using Scrin drones and made up of a Tiberium composite material.[2] During construction, Thresholds were protected by multiple phase generators that rendered them impervious to physical damage.[3] Upon completion, the effect of phasing becomes permanent.[1] However, Thresholds would become vulnerable if the phase generators were destroyed before construction was complete.[3]

Thresholds could only be accessed using a key code embedded in a crystal lattice similar to the Tacitus. This code was stored in Scrin nerve centers.[4] Diagrams for the tower itself was also present in the Tacitus.[5]


Third Tiberium War

A map of the nineteen Threshold locations, with the largest dot being Threshold 19

After the liquid Tiberium detonation at Temple Prime, the Scrin landed on Earth, believing that its planetary Tiberium deposits had reached maturation. They began harvesting procedures, starting the construction of 19 Thresholds in the Red Zones. To distract humans from the Thresholds, they launched attacks on population centers all over the world.[6]

However, GDI soon realized the aliens' true intention. Though unaware of the purpose of the towers, General Jack Granger ordered a GDI Commander to destroy the largest of the towers, located in Rome, before it could be completed.[2] Meanwhile, Nod forces moved to protect the Thresholds under the orders of Kane, who planned to use one of the Thresholds to achieve Ascension.[7]

Despite the hostile terrain and the combination of Nod and Scrin forces, the Commander was able to destroy the phase generators protecting the Threshold before calling an ion cannon strike to destroy the tower.[3] Following the Commander's example, GDI forces worldwide quickly began destroying the remaining towers.[8]

Having obtained the access codes to the Thresholds, Kane ordered one of his commanders to help defend Threshold 19, one of the last remaining towers, from GDI forces.[5] Meanwhile, with his escape route from Earth almost cut off, Foreman 371's AI disobeyed orders from the Supervisor and instructed the Foreman to focus on protecting Threshold 19.[9] As Nod and Scrin forces defended the tower from the GDI onslaught, Threshold 18 was destroyed, leaving Threshold 19 the last tower on Earth.[10]

Ultimately, the combination of two enemies working together proved too much for GDI. By the time they fought their way to it, the tower was complete,[11] and Foreman 371 had retreated to Ichor Hub using the gateway.[12] Though the tower was now invulnerable, GDI scientists assured that it was inert and harmless.[11] Meanwhile, Kane congratulated the Nod Commander and stated that the secrets of Tiberium and control of the universe awaited them in the tower.[13]

Fourth Tiberium War

Following the Third Tiberium War, the liquid Tiberium detonation at Temple Prime caused Tiberium growth to massively accelerate, allowing it to overpower GDI's sonic technology and overtake even Blue Zones. With humanity on the brink of extinction, Kane met the GDI Council on June 14, 2062, and offered to cooperate with GDI in constructing the Tiberium Control Network.[14]

The core component of the TCN was Threshold 19. In order for TCN to reach 100% efficiency, all three TCN hubs must be aligned to it.[15] However, GDI Colonel Louise James, who lost her family to the Scrin during the Third Tiberium War, believed that Kane was trying to use the TCN to bring back the Scrin,[16] causing her to betray the GDI and launch a personal crusade against the GDI-Nod alliance.

Ultimately, Kane successfully activated Threshold 19 using Commander Parker's optical implant, which, like TCN itself, was based on the Tacitus. As Tiberium disappeared from the Earth, Kane and the Nod followers gathered outside the tower vanished, having apparently achieved Ascension.[17]

Role in Global Conquest

In Global Conquest, constructing 9 Threshold Towers is an alternate victory condition for the Scrin. Besides its importance for victory, a Threshold Tower grants access to the Wormhole and Phase Field support powers, but only accessible in the global map.

Support powers

Icon Support Power Cost Cooldown Function
CNCKW Phase Field Cameo.png
Phase field $1000 4 turns Renders the bases and strike forces in the selected area invulnerable, but also makes them unable to move or be targeted by support powers.
CNCKW Wormhole Cameo.png
Wormhole Generator Free 5 turns Creates a wormhole linking two points on the map, allowing strike forces to move between the two points using the "Transport" command (which costs $1000 for every use).



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