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TibEd edits the official/original Rules.ini of the last official patch through an interface without hiding any options.

Version 1 supports all Command & Conquer games from Tiberian Dawn to Red Alert 2, along with their respective expansions, as well as Dune 2000 and Emperor: Battle for Dune. Version 2 supports Tiberium Wars, Generals and Zero Hour. It allows to easily create, modify and deploy mods.

The modding community for Tiberian Sun, Red Alert 2 and Firestorm, Yuri's Revenge expansions frowns upon the use of TibEd, stating modding with Notepad is much safer and faster.

Best description for TibEd v1 for RA1 through YR (excluding Dune 2000 and Emperor as they're special cases since they're on completely different engines) is it's a tool to "get people's feet wet". But after a while modders should start using a text editor of their choosing and RA2StrEdit for the CSF files because that's what modding RA1 through YR (excluding Dune 2000) actually is: INI editing; and it can be done with Notepad, Notepad++, Wordpad, or even MS Word. In order for the mod to take effect the edited files must override the original ones packaged in the main MIXs.

For Red Alert 1 through Yuri's Revenge TibEd v1 does not allow editing existing rules.ini files; instead it loads the rules.ini of the final patch of retail versions of the games (which are saved in TibEd's files), and "applying changes" generates the modified rules.ini, sound.ini and art.ini that override the original rules, sound and art by placing them loose in game folder. RA2 and YR also use a CSF file in language.mix or langmd.mix for all text strings, and TibEd generates one too to override the original.

This means editing the rules.ini of mods for those games is not possible with TibEd. Further, experienced modders and veteran members of the modding community have reported TibEd and similar editors like SunEdit2k "messing up" the INIs in multiple forms: "it has a history of causing bugs in the code", "mangled, irredeemable" as TibEd can start doubling values which when removed aren't actually removed; someone even remarked those bugs as "interesting". Comments in particular, marked by ; (semi-colon), also get messed up.

TibEd v1 used to be the only way to mod Dune 2000, but with D2kEditor that is no longer the case.

TibEd v1 is currently still the only way to mod Emperor: Battle for Dune; until it generates the text files rules.txt and artini.txt in DATA > MODEL where a text editor comes in.

TibEd v1 is not able to modify Tiberian Dawn 1.06 Revision 3, as the EXE is structured differently; attempting to force it will cause TibEd to crash.

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