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This page contains the full list of News Archive entries from the Tiberian Sun official site.

List of Entries

News Entry More Info
GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY OCTOBER 22 - 17:42HRS
Associated Global Press: GDI Fights to Save the Planet: Mysteries of Tiberium Unsolved

The true nature of Tiberium remains the greatest unsolved mystery of our global environment -- one that the world cannot afford to go unsolved as Tiberium-related illnesses infect a growing number of the earth's population.

Prolonged exposure to Tiberium results in a variety of Tiberium-related illnesses, similar to those caused by extreme radiation exposure. Many of the most heavily afflicted segments of the population cluster together in underground communities - calling themselves "The Forgotten."

Little is known about the two common strains of the mineral growth - commonly referred to as "Green" and "Blue" Tiberium. Some of the new Tiberium infestations grow in small patches, in an inorganic tree-like formation.

Tiberium "Trees" appear to develop root-like protuberances deep into the ground, Disruptive "vein holes" of many kilometers in size are also being detected with increased frequency. Tiberium growth cannot be checked, except by environmental factors; Tiberium infestations seem to flourish in the lush tropical and sub-tropical regions near the equator - and are slowed in the arid and polar extremes of the extreme Northern or Southern Hemispheres.

Responding to criticism that GDI is not doing enough to help infected populations, GDI General Solomon issued the following statement; "We are working around the clock to make the planet safe for all humanity. GDI units are evacuating and relocating unexposed populations. GDI Scientists are looking for a cure. GDI Officials are planning for the future. We will get through this. The planet will survive."

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY OCTOBER 5 - 11:37HRS
PLANET WATCH: Fires Charge Across Precious Forest Land

In this fifth week of unchecked firestorms, almost 5,000 square miles of one of the last remaining forested regions of the planet have now been destroyed. Aided by high winds and poor access, fires continue to blaze a trail of destruction throughout Central and South America.

GDI has issued an urgent request for any non-enlisted able-bodied personnel to report to the nearest GDI installation to volunteer for fire control service.

Lewis Fitzpatrick, Senior Public Relations Director for the GDI, issued this urgent request: "With the global infestation of Tiberium, we must do everything possible to preserve what little is left of the world's precious forested zones. Although the GDI is sending as many resources to the region as possible, we desperately need more manpower to combat these fires that continue to rage out of control."

GDI has evacuated danger zones ranging from New Guatemala south to coastal Chile. More than 450,000 civilians have been evacuated from Central America alone. Local schools have been closed for over a month now. Millions of trees have been charred to the ground.

"The trees are all burning black. The air is thick with smoke and ash - even the sea is on fire. I am so frightened," said Iselvina Flores, from the rural fishing town of Azul, Peru. The remote region still awaits evacuation, which GDI emergency personnel estimate may take up to two more weeks in the most rural areas of South America.

GDI officials will neither confirm nor deny rampant allegations of Nod involvement in the destruction. "Evidence suggests that fires started in multiple locations and quickly escalated into a full scale forest fire. Beyond that, I have no further information at this time," Fitzpatrick concluded. He did confirm, however, that the affected regions shared a significant Mutant population - those members of The Forgotten tribal affiliation who represent the earliest and most severe victims of Tiberium contamination.

Casualties are thought to number in the tens of thousands, though no conclusive information on loss of life will be available for several weeks to come, when corpses can be excavated from collapsed buildings reduced to ash and rubble.

Multiple GDI refineries in the path of the blaze have been abandoned and are presumed lost. Additionally, reports indicate that a series of aggressive fires overtook at least three Tiberium harvesting operations. The poorly constructed bases proved no match for the firestorm, burning quickly and at a high temperature.

General Solomon ordered all Scandinavian branches of GDI military forces to full alert this week, as tensions mounted between the global peacekeeping forces and scattered Nod factions in the region.

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY SEPTEMBER 17 - 17:14HRS

General Solomon ordered all Scandinavian branches of GDI military forces to full alert this week, as tensions mounted between the global peacekeeping forces and scattered Nod factions in the region.

The decisive action by the leader of the largest military organization on the planet came just days after the mysterious disappearance of twenty GDI veteraned infantry units, reported missing while on a classified training exercise in an undisclosed area of Scandinavian countryside.

The units consisted primarily of veteraned enlisted officers - highly decorated - and highly valued - within GDI ranks. As Commander Michael McNeil, leader of the Scandinavian Search and Rescue operation explained "These guys have seen more Nod action than anybody we've got. Soldiers like that - they'll take years to replace. Each vet fought like hell and was vital to the success of whatever mission they were on."

Tensions between regional GDI and NOD militia have heightened since local Nod leaders claimed responsibility for the disappearance of several other veteraned troops, eight weeks ago, according to the Associated Press.

Through the official GDI press liaison, Solomon issued a statement warning GDI's political opponents that the alert was meant to send a dramatic message to Nod troops. "All members of our Scandinavian armed forces - everyone we've got up there - have been put on full alert. We stand ready to defend GDI interests. We stand ready for a speedy, timely, and decisive response to any and all who challenge our mission to keep global peace."

Sources close to Solomon confirm that a new initiative to recruit intelligent and aggressive young soldiers may now be under way. Still, Solomon's critics note that without veteraned units, the safety and efficiency of GDI's global evacuation efforts - efforts to salvage humanity from Tiberium exposed regions of the planet - could be seriously jeopardized.

Solomon could not be reached for further comment.

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY AUGUST 31, 1998 0500HRS
HEADLINE NEWS: Ion Storm Hits South American GDI Evac Center -- 30 Killed

BOGOTA, Columbia - The GDI evacuation facility centered in the outskirts of Bogota faces another two to three days of power outages, downed communications, and lost support systems, following the worst Ion Storm ever to hit the region.

Thursday's disaster killed more than thirty people, GDI disaster management officials confirmed today. The collapse of one structure that housed almost twenty non-Tiberium infected families accounts for the majority of the fatalities. Hundreds of others have fallen ill after drinking polluted water or eating rotten food.

Refugees are streaming out of the region, seeking shelter at GDI hostels in nearby areas of unaffected terrain. Agriculture ministry officials said they are still assessing crop losses and the total damage of the disaster.

Once a stronghold of Nod activity, in recent years the area has been quiet. However, more than 20 Mutants - common parlance for citizens affected by aggressive Tiberium mutation - were reported missing in the aftermath of the storm.

An informal statement condemning the situation has been issued by "The Forgotten" leader Tratos, who heads the largest collective of Mutant survivors. "If twenty GDI Blunts were suddenly missing, GDI police would give the case priority status. Twenty of my people are missing - and they blame the weather. This is Nod territory. My people have been kidnapped. GDI's callousness towards those of us infected by Tiberium is inhumane."

TS Nod logo transparent.png MONDAY AUGUST 31, 1998 0900HRS

The Global Defense Initiative has closed the book on Kane.

Though the charismatic Nod leader has long been declared officially dead, GDI announced today the termination of the lingering investigation into the circumstances of Kane's death - and his missing remains.

A top GDI advisor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed a GDI intelligence report that the organization has never recovered Kane's body - but emphasized that there was no hard evidence to substantiate claims that the Nod leader was alive .

GDI's General Solomon issued an anniversary statement condemning the rumors as entirely false. "There is apparently an enormous amount of groundless speculation as to whether or not Kane is with us. To those of you who harbor such fantasies, I will say only this. The truth is the truth. Kane is dead. Period."

The announcement comes on the anniversary of GDI's historic bombing of the Temple of Nod - the assault that resulted in the death of Kane and the general dissolution of the guerrilla movement he founded, the Brotherhood of Nod.

As expected, the anniversary of Kane's death was marked by somber ceremony, scattered outbreaks of violence, and the familiar chant of the few remaining Nod demonstrators - "Kane Lives!"

According to an opinion poll taken by the GDI-funded Global Research Center last week, 72 percent of the earth's population believes Kane is dead. Only 22 percent harbor a lingering belief in the fallen guerrilla evangelist.

"Most of the human race wants this chapter in mankind's history behind them," Solomon concluded. Today should be a day of celebration. Remember GDI's victory. Remember those who died for the cause of defending world peace."

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY AUGUST 31, 1998 2100HRS

The flagship of the new GDI special forces, the experimental prototype of the Disruptor Tank was formally introduced to the Initiative this week.

Globally broadcast from GDI's military satellite HQ - the USS PHILADELPHIA - the unveiling ceremony was seen in over fifty countries.

The Disruptor is a highly specialized developmental tank, slow but unstoppable, that blasts a powerful sonic charge capable of destroying anything in its path.

GDI General Solomon commented, "We are pleased with the progress of the Disruptor Tank, and feel it will be the ultimate addition to GDI's already powerful arsenal."

Solomon could not comment on recent charges of that the controversial Disruptor Tank is all too capable of destroying both GDI and NOD troops alike, though he did confirm the possibility of "friendly fire"; the tank will destroy all units t hat fall into the wake of its' sonic wave.

"The Disruptor is the ultimate offensive weapon. War is hell, as they say, and the Disruptor fights like hell. Other than that, I have nothing further to say."

The General also debunked the latest Nod propaganda reports that the Disruptor was stolen Nod technology. "They're scared and running. Ever since Kane died, Nod have been scattered and leaderless. It's time we wrapped this thing up, once and for all. For the good of the planet."

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY OCTOBER 29 - 13:38 HRS

Independent defense contractor WESTWOOD STUDIOS announced today that it has begun work on what will be known as "FIRESTORM" allowing commanders to take control of the latest weapons and technology in the battle between GDI and NOD.

As of today, Westwood Studios has still not restricted its software to work only with GDI forces even though GDI officials have repeatedly attempted to change this.

"We said it once before - we will not force people to choose between GDI and NOD, nor modify our software to work with just one of these factions. We believe that everyone has the right to make a choice, and the future commanders of the world will ultimately determine who is right and who is wrong. Earth is for the strong willed and not for those that sit watching idle"

GDI is particularly concerned regarding this latest improvement to Westwood's software because it allows commanders to combine forces and fight for either side on a map of the world - an unprecedented step in combat control. This powerful addition may allow NOD to reorganize amid the chaos surrounding the rumors of the loss of NOD's leader KANE.

An additional problem for the GDI stems from the newly acquired technology that NOD has at its disposal. While the GDI has been working on its own new weapons at its laboratory in central Nevada, the NOD units rumored to exist have already prompted a higher than expected loss of recruiting in countries worldwide. To quote one GDI prospective candidate, "Kane may be dead, but there's no way I'm going to sacrifice myself to one of those spiders."

Officials representing NOD could not be reached for comment.

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY AUGUST 02 - 20:28 HRS

NOD "Cyber-terrorists" recently cracked into and then diverted loyal citizens away from the official GDI website, a GDI official admitted last week. While no physical damage was done to the GDI Internet backbone or attached hardware, visitors were routed into the NOD website run by an underground group of NOD sympathizers acting from an unknown location.

"We're not concerned, and we doubt anyone is going to run and join NOD because of a minor incident such as this", Major Jason Flatt said in last week's briefing. "We'll soon have them shut down and out of our hair forever."

Unfortunately, GDI efforts to disconnect the NOD website or track down its creators has been a futile effort for officials at GDI's Internet warfare group. Previous attempts have only resulted in the reemergence of the NOD site at another location, almost within minutes.

To make matters worse, evidence shows that over the past year NOD cyber-terrorist activities and attempts to infiltrate the GDI database have grown at an alarming rate. One GDI security analyst who wished to remain anonymous explained that GDI officials have physically cut their connection to the Internet several times because, as he explained, "We just couldn't keep them out."

Meanwhile, public sentiment toward the Brotherhood of NOD is growing by an average of 2.6% each month since the emergence of the first NOD website over 1 year ago. GDI officials were not available for comment on this alarming statistic.

GDI Logo 2030.gif THURSDAY JUNE 08 - 12:55 HRS

Talks aimed at ending the conflicts between Nod forces and Civilians broke down early today after Nod officers balked at GDI's demands and failed to return for a late-night session.

"The Nod delegation has presented a proposal that would not provide a safe return of the Tiberium poisoned civilians and full withdrawal of Nod forces from all European cities," Lt. General David Greenshaw the leader of the GDI military delegation, said in Sarajevo earlier today.

Until talks can begin again, Greenshaw said that GDI has no choice but to begin offensive strategies against Nod that will force them to withdrawal.Hopes had been high that the military negotiators would agree quickly on a detailed timetable for the withdrawal.

The GDI-led peacekeeping force of 60,000 is poised to secure the region so that hundreds of thousands of civilians can begin the evacuation to Arctic regions.

"Although it's encouraging that some Nod commanders are even willing to discuss the possibility of peace, we do not trust them, and will continue our plans to ensure safe and swift evacuation for civilians." Greenshaw said. About 2,000 Jump Jet Infantry Marines are waiting off the coast of Greece. Other amphibious assault marines stationed along the coast of France wait for support from a division comprised mostly of Hover MRLS and Powered Assault Armor, also known as Wolverines.

GDI Logo 2030.gif THURSDAY APRIL 27 - 17:53 HRS
Fire Breaks out in GDI Super Tunnel - 50 Civilians Known Dead

A GDI search and rescue team fought thick smoke and high temperatures from a blaze that killed at least 50 civilians en route to a nearby regional evacuation center. The blaze broke out on a cargo truck thought to be carrying food, clothing and other combustible supplies.

Among the survivors was the driver of the supply truck who said he was alerted to the fire when oncoming traffic flashed their headlights about four miles into the massive twelve mile tunnel.

"It just exploded all of a sudden. It was a ball of fire for about 30 seconds", said the driver. Temperatures in the tunnel reached at least 1,800 degrees at one point."

The fire raised immediate questions about the readiness of emergency facilities in place at similar tunnels. GDI Chief Structural Engineer Edward Slone reported it was the first fatal fire to occur in a new super tunnel since their much publicized introduction three years ago.

GDI Logo 2030.gif THURSDAY APRIL 01 - 14:46 HRS
NOD Forces Launch Savage Military Offensive

Thousands of innocent civilians were forced to flee their homes today as Nod forces launched a new savage military offensive.

The Nod forces unleashed assaults on several civilian settlements thought to be harboring key Forgotten leaders driving the entire civilian population deep into heavily infested Tiberium zones.

GDI sources near Belgrade issued reports of highly armed Nod troops masked in red and black, brutally ejecting civilians from their homes in their search for the rebels. Many areas were left deserted and in flames as a result of the raids.

The Nod offensive came within days of General Solomon's warning that military action will be taken to curb the rise in Tiberium testing on civilians by The Brotherhood. "It is very painful to see the numbers of the Forgotten rise so quickly. " said a spokesperson for the GDI. "The Brotherhood continues to cause more problems. And they must be dealt with."

The GDI has threatened Nod faction leaders in the past. General Vega rose to power in South America and is believed to control the largest Nod factions in the Western Hemisphere. While General Hassan controls most of the Nod factions through Europe and the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere. However, in lieu of a strong central command, the Brotherhood's reign of terror from rebel factions is hard to predict and defend against.

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY FEBRUARY 15 - 14:46 HRS
NOD SAM Sites taken out by Orcas

For the first time in several days GDI warplanes fired on two Nod defense sites in southern Chile. According to the GDI Central Command.

The strikes that occurred at 0400 Zulu (GDI's time reference) were part of Operation World Watch, which enforces GDI sanctions and restrictions in response to Nod provocation, GDI military officials reported.

GDI military sources said Orca bomber and fighter units fired precision-guided weapons at air defense sites near Santiago.

They struck six Nod targets, including surface-to-air-missile batteries and associated command and control systems, said Lt. Col. Tom Braider, a spokesman for the U.S. Central Command on the Philadelphia.

The Orcas returned safely to base.

Tensions have been high in the region since the GDI patrols over the area unleashed airstrikes last month on Nod compounds and communication sites.

Wednesday's attacks were the first in nearly three weeks due, in part, to increasing ion storm activity in the region.

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY DECEMBER 23 - 11:51 HRS

NOD commandos stormed an armory located just north of Munich. Once secured, they brought in a surprising number of infantry and armored vehicles. Additionally, they nearly doubled their numbers by arming some of the local population of the Forgotten who were sympathetic to their cause.

GDI responded with everything they had in the area. However, Munich is not typically a military stronghold, and maintains more of a medical research and evacuation role as the largest city in close proximity to the evacuation facilities in the Northern sectors.

This recent attack was the largest show of force The Brotherhood has been able to must in recent history.

In a statement issued by General Solomon, GDI forces in the area will be doubled and security around Armories such as the one looted by NOD terrorists will be significantly upgraded. "The GDI is and will continue to stay focused on the evacuation efforts and safety of mankind. However, violence from NOD forces is a real and growing concern. Although distracting from our humanitarian efforts, we must and will retaliate."

GDI Logo 2030.gif MONDAY NOVEMBER 25 - 16:10 HRS

A convoy of food and fuel supplies headed for Antarctic evacuation compounds was completely lost when a massive disturbance not caused by the convoy resulted in the massive break-up of a frozen lake.

There were over 75 enlisted men and about $6 million worth of equipment headed for the northern evacuation compounds. All was lost. The food and fuel staples would have supplied about 25,000 people for 4-6 months.

The GDI core of engineers is being held accountable. However, they maintain the ice field crossing is one of many standard supply routes used and is regularly analyzed for safety levels. GDI evacuation support teams must maintain at least a dozen different supply routes to the Arctic region to hedge against NOD terrorist strikes - which have been occurring with increased frequency.

Although no official statement has been made, there is an investigation under way to determine if the disturbance that caused the latest mishap was in fact a NOD terrorist strike rather than a miscalculation of GDI engineers.

TS Nod logo transparent.png MONDAY NOVEMBER 11 - 21:03HRS

In a public conference earlier today, Executive Producer and President of Westwood Studios Brett W. Sperry, and Lead Game Designer Erik Yeo discussed their plans for Westwood's new COMMAND & CONQUER TIBERIAN SUN battle software.

The conference was held on Westwood's online game network WESTWOOD ONLINE, and seating was limited due to the event's record attendance. Those that did not attend the conference can download this transcript.

TS Nod logo transparent.png MONDAY NOVEMBER 02 - 15:39HRS
EYE ON NOD: GDI Commandos Raid Tiberium Research Lab

GDI officials today confirmed the successful raid of a NOD Tiberium research facility.

An undisclosed number of the militant NOD terrorist organization were implicated in Monday's raid on the Tiberium Research Facility located outside of Lebanon. NOD personnel had apparently detained over 50 infected civilians for Tiberium experimentation at the Lebanese facility. Fearing quarantine, many of the freed civilian hostages scattered when GDI's heavily armed military police appeared on the scene.

Although Tiberium experimentation on humans has been globally denounced and universally declared illegal, Nod leaders have gone on record to decry the GDI's widely publicized efforts to avoid Tiberium.

Oxanna Kristos, a high-ranking NOD media official, issued a statement on behalf of the organization. "We cannot be afraid of our own power. We must work together to understand Tiberium, to learn how to make better use of it - and how to better control it."

Monday's raid is the fifth crack down on an allegedly illegal NOD Tiberium research operation in the past six months. The latest GDI statistics have reflected a significant increase in the numbers of proven NOD testing facilities over the past 12 months. GDI officials would not confirm or deny the rise in illegal NOD activities as indicative of any future terrorist action.

In response, General Solomon issued this statement: "I can't predict the future - but I do know the past. Is Kane dead? Yes. Is the Brotherhood of NOD an all but dead organization? Yes. And if GDI encounters fringe NOD resistance, GDI will forcibly answer these questions, time and again."

However, the resurgence in known NOD activity comes as surprising news to many in the wake of GDI's recent declaration of the official death of the missing NOD leader, the infamous militant known only as "Kane."

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