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Tiberian Sun Redux is a total conversion mod for Zero Hour. Tiberian Sun Redux brings the Second Tiberium War from the original Tiberian Sun and Firestorm to life onto the SAGE engine. Tiberian Sun Redux officially began its development back in May 2009 and made its first public release in January 2013.


Tiberian Sun Redux will bring you the Second Tiberium War in a 3D dimension, wit all of its original units, structures, maps and missions from both Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, together with some extra's that was not with its original game like the Forgotten as a faction and all original Tiberian Dawn units and structures to use for your pleasure.


The mod original started as a April Fools joke on the development page of Tiberian Dawn Redux, eventually the mod became a real project because of all the excitement from the community. 

In the begin the same team that developed Tiberian Dawn Redux where working on this total conversion mod, later on some left the development team and new people where joining the team. In March 2011, Tiberian Sun Redux is under a different developer group named 363 Productions, the reason for this was to oversee the development team easier.

Tiberian Sun Redux is directly build on the latest release of Tiberian Dawn Redux which means that all the latest graphical improvement of the Generals SAGE Engine was shipping over to Tiberian Sun Redux

Tiberian Sun Redux first official release was going to contain all units and buildings from Tiberian Sun and Firestorm, but because of AI issue's they had to cut almost 60% of the mods content.

On January 30, 2013, 17 days later from its first release, the development team decided to reduce all vehicle's and buildings scale from the playable factions and civilians to make maps even bigger, meaning that a original small Generals map will be a medium map, and so on. In July 2013, the graphic's of the mod are taking an overhaul of the current released textures meaning all units and buildings are getting an overhaul on the texture and details on the model, most animations are being remade as well from scratch to have a more smoothed animated units to play with.

The development team of Tiberian Sun Redux also included the Forgotten faction in there mod, however the Forgotten is not a select able faction for the player to use, instead of that the development team decided to make them as props instead where you have to fight against the Forgotten if you enter their area or as capture able unit's. As an extra bonus the 363 Productions decided to also add the Tiberian Dawn timeline factions for mappers to use, meaning that the GDI from the First Tiberium War is not playable for the player to choose, but are get able by collecting the random crates that spawn on the maps, or by capturing the abandoned bases on the map.

Because of this team had a intern discussion if they need to revamp the models and textures as well of the original Tiberian Dawn Redux mod, the decisions was made and also the models of Tiberian Dawn Redux are getting an overhaul.

When version 0.75 of Tiberian Sun Redux is released, they are also going to release the updated models and textures of Tiberian Dawn Redux as an DLC to the original Tiberian Dawn Redux mod.

Tiberium Wars mod[]

With the development of Tiberian Sun Redux, the development team moved from the outdated Generals SAGE engine to Tiberium Wars SAGE engine, there is no real announcement made yet why the Tiberian Sun Redux team decided to switch engine's, but it is stated by one of the developers that the main reason they decided to switch engine is that they don't have to make difficult code to resemble the Tiberian Sun mechanics.


GDI gameplay trailer
Gameplay trailer
Redux trailer

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