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ModDB favicon This article is about a mod. The subject matter of this article is therefore deemed both unofficial and non-canon.

Tiberian Sun Rising is a total conversion modification for Tiberium Wars which aims to be a reimagining of Tiberian Sun.


Tiberian Sun Rising is a total conversion mod for Tiberium Wars, which brings the Global Defense Initiative and the Brotherhood of Nod back to the Second Tiberium War, while retelling the story of Tiberian Sun in its own way.

Tiberian Sun Rising is not a mere remake of Tiberian Sun, but more of a reimagining and reconstruction of it, adding new units, features, abilities and gameplay style, while keeping the things that the fans love from Tiberian Sun, like subterranean units, stealth, Tiberium Lifeforms, original Tiberium and many other, making it a new evolution of Tiberian Sun.

The mod promises to include all additions from Firestorm with some changes, just like most things in the mod. One very nice feature the mod will include is changing map environment by uncontrolled Tiberium growth, which will affect the map's status from a normal area to a Tiberium ravaged wasteland with Ion Storms, Veinholes and many other elements.



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