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This page lists the types of weapon damage in Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.


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Beam weapons

Beam is very powerful, especially good at against heavy armor. Units equipped with beam-based armaments such as AW-T2 Titan are appropriate choice to hunt down targets like crawlers.


Blast is strong against structures, as well as being extraordinarily powerful against light units. There are however, very few blast attacks that can target air units. Blast is best against reinforced armor.


Cannon attacks are good against other medium units, and are also generally effective against almost every other kind of armor type, save for all air units which cannot be targeted.

The cannon attack is very likely to miss when either the target or the tank itself is moving. This can be prevented by researching accuracy boost.


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Gun attacks

Gun is used to damage other units like infantry, tanks or aircraft. It deals a lot of damage to light armored units.


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GDI and Nod forces exchange rockets

Rocket damage is inflicted by a missile containing an explosive warhead.