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The Tiberian floater is an advanced Tiberian lifeform first observed during the Firestorm Conflict.


Floaters are a species of strange, jellyfish-like creatures that began to grow more and more prevalent as time went on and as the first phase of the Second Tiberium War was drawing to a close. Floaters - as their name implies - float over the battlefield, propelling themselves with clouds of Tiberium-saturated gas. The gas is highly dangerous to infantry, potentially turning them into visceroids. Worse, floaters seem to be capable of generating intense electrical charges and currents that they often use to attack vehicles; the floater will typically latch onto the vehicle to both tear it apart with its tentacles and send vast quantities of electricity through the target.

As with most mutated lifeforms, floaters were highly aggressive and represented a significant threat to almost anything in their vicinity, and worse, they were surprisingly resilient for what some might dismiss as a floating bag of gas; it could take several heavy vehicles to bring just one of them down, and a single floater was more than a match for a GDI Titan or a Nod Tick tank. In at least one instance GDI forces actually had to coordinate an armored defense to protect and evacuate civilians due to the threat of attacks by groups of such creatures.

Furthermore, the floaters' electric attack, which is used when in contact with the target, is extremely effective against both vehicles and structures. The floater can even prevent the vehicle it was attacking from firing.[citation needed] It was not seen after the Firestorm Conflict for unknown reasons.

It is unknown what manner of creature was mutated into the floater. Currently the best estimates would be the jellyfish, as there are many obvious similarities between this species and the floater.

Game unit[]

The Tiberian floater appears prominently in the mission Seeds of Destruction, where many are seen in the Genesis Pit. The Tiberian floater can turn infantry into visceroids using its Tiberium gas attack.


  • Due to an error in animation sequencing, the final frame of the attack animation is actually the first shadow frame, and thus appears garbled in-game. The floater's animation sequence is hardcoded.