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ModDB favicon.png This article is about a mod. The subject matter of this article is therefore deemed both non-canon and non-official.

Tiberium Essence is a mod for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. It is dedicated to bringing back classic elements and features from previous Command & Conquer games, in particular Tiberian Sun, that were otherwise absent from the third game in the series.


The mod brings with it an extensive roster of alterations, largely focused on bringing the game more in line with its predecessor in terms of the technology available to the various factions. Many units in the game have been given new or modified models; some of these alterations are merely cosmetic, while others bring with them gameplay alterations, such as additional weaponry or abilities.

Many modified units also adopt their Tiberian Sun names, for example, the Nod Flame Tank is now once more the Devil's Tongue in both appearance and name. Other units are removed and replaced altogether, such as the GDI Predator, which has been replaced by the Titan. Many Tiberian Sun units that did not return in Tiberium Wars, such as the Hover MLRS, have also been added back into the game. Each faction also gains the ability to deploy unique Tier 4 epic units (most notably the Mammoth Mk. II, which can now be deployed to the battlefield through the use of a new structure); these superheavy units are incredibly powerful, but only one of each can be deployed at any time. Several Nod units regain their ability to burrow into the ground and move undetected beneath the surface, and the mod also adds completely original units to all three factions (including playable units based on the Kodiak and Montauk).

Many base structures have been similarly altered or replaced, and the ability to construct defensive walls has been reintroduced. The Forgotten have also been expanded; while they are not a full fourth faction, capturing a Mutant Mercenary Outpost (a new structure which replaces Mutant Hovel) grants players access to a greatly enlarged Forgotten arsenal, including modified Mammoth Mk. I tanks and other unique weaponry. The mod also adds new support powers and unit upgrades, new civilian tech buildings (most notably the Tacitus Archive, which grants access to new, unique, highly advanced units), new music tracks, and many visual, sound and balance changes designed to improve the overall feel of the game. While primarily a multiplayer-focused mod, the game's alterations also carry over to singleplayer.



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