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Patch 1.01 for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars was released in March 2007.


This patch for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars fixes several bugs and exploits:



  • Improved video playback on low-end system configurations.

Balance changes

  • Scrin Storm column cost/buildtime increased by 100% to 3000/30.
  • Scrin Buzzers' health reduced by 75% and weapon type changed to SNIPER. This change makes Buzzers ineffective against units and structures besides enemy infantry.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an error that would occasionally result in a crash in Nod vs. Nod matches on the multiplayer map Deadly Sertao.
  • Fixed issues with automated map transfer feature in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an error that would sometimes cause a Commentator's telestrator drawings to not erase as intended while viewing BattleCast replays.
  • Fixed issues with replay file playback.
  • Fixed placeholder text and chat log errors with the Comrade in-game chat window.

Other changes

  • Fixed an error in README.txt file regarding location of saved game files in Windows Vista; added references to EA Link version of the game; added disclosure about in-game advertising (Note: the EA Link version of the game ships with this updated ReadMe file).
  • References to Nod's "Avatar Warmech" unit have been changed to "Avatar".

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