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Patch 1.10 for Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars was an unreleased, mostly balance-oriented patch proposed by then-community manager Aaron Kaufman.

The patch was announced by the time of the release of the Kane's Wrath expansion pack, but development of the expansion's urgent first patch[1], and later support for Red Alert 3 and Kane's Wrath patch 1.02[2] prevented the team from developing and releasing this patch for Tiberium Wars.

Proposed changes[3]

  • Global Veterancy: Has minimal scaling at ranks 1 and 2.
Proposed Change: First and second ranks of veterancy to fit better with rank 3 veterancy
  • Global Harvester: Needs health normalization
Proposed Change: Reduce all harvester health by 20% and specifically the Nod harvesters normalized to Scrin/GDI harvester health
  • Global Harvester: Rocket armor limits benefit of harassment strategies
Proposed Change: Increased vulnerability to Rocket Damage by 20%
  • Global Infantry: Missile squads take low damage vs their counter tier 1 gun type damage unit
Proposed Change: Increase vulnerability to Gun Damage by 20%
  • GDI Orca: The Orca is too cost effective overall
Proposed Change: Orca armor reduced overall
  • GDI Rig: Slow movement speed
Proposed Change: Movespeed increased to predator tank levels; still feels slow but better
  • GDI Rig: Hitpoints are low for the unit's effectiveness
Proposed Change: Increase unit hitpoints total
  • Nod Avatar: Upgrades feel ineffective for investment required
Proposed Change: Buff to Avatar upgrades to encourage more use
  • Nod Avatar: Feels too effective & powerful in current form
Proposed Change: Increase base cost of unit, or nerf unit damage
Proposed Change: Slight nerf by raising cost, cooldown, and/or lowering damage
Proposed Change: Increase movespeed to 160
Proposed Change: Slightly increase movespeed
  • Scrin Corrupter Low health/armor when compared with similar tier 2 units of other factions
Proposed Change: Movespeed and health normalized to Flame Tank model, with a percentage less damage
  • GDI Firehawk: Friendly fire damage makes these units feel unappealing
Proposed Change: Friendly fire of Firehawks removed
  • Global Repair: Structure repair feature easily counters small squads
Proposed Change: Global repair function has speed reduced by 60%
  • Global Superweapons: All superweapons cooldowns normalized
Proposed Change: Normalizing superweapons will have most impact in casual games, where they are used often
  • GDI Firehawk: Not effective enough vs. tier 3 ground units
Proposed Change: Increase damage vs. tier 3 ground units
Proposed Change: Cost/benefit is more balanced to encourage use
  • Nod Fanatics: Movement speed is too slow
Proposed Change: Increase movespeed
  • Nod Buggy: Upgraded laser damage against infantry is less than unupgraded
Proposed Change: Increase damage vs. infantry
Proposed Change: Moved to tier 2
  • GDI Grenadier: Grenades move too slowly and are easily dodged
Proposed Change: Projectile speed increased slightly
Proposed Change: Units are not attackable while jumpjetting


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