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Tiberium chemical plant is a Nod building in Tiberium Wars.


This plant gives Nod's battlefield commanders access to advanced Tiberium-based weapons.

Support powers provided

Icon Support power Description
CNCTW Seed Tiberium Cameo.png Seed Tiberium An Armageddon flies over, spraying an area with rapidly crystallizing Tiberium that can then be harvested. The net worth of the delivered Tiberium is $3150, an excellent return on a support power that costs $500 and takes 4:00 to cooldown.
CNCTW Catalyst Missile Cameo.png Catalyst missile The catalyst missile agitates any Tiberium in units and structures near the point of impact. The missile does 500 grenade damage with a 5000% scalar against Tiberium-based units and structures, as well as Refineries, Harvesters, Tiberium Silos, and Tiberium Chemical Plants. It can destroy Harvesters and Refineries with ease, and the grenade damage can be used as a last-resort defense against infantry. It costs $2000 and takes 5:00 to recharge.
CNCTW Tiberium Vapor Bomb Cameo.png Tiberium vapor bomb An Armageddon Bomber swoops in to deliver a Tiberium Vapor Bomb characterized first by a toxic cloud of mist that rapidly detonates into a sizable blast. The Tiberium Vapor Bomb does 9000 grenade damage. It costs $3500 and takes 5:00 to cooldown.
CNCKW Tiberium Vein Detonation Cameo.png Tiberium vein detonation (Kane's Wrath only) Blows up the subterranean Tiberium deposit at a Tiberium field, causing massive damage to any units above the Tiberium vein. Costs $4000 and takes 7:00 to recharge.

Game structure

First, and at the greatest Tiberium cost, the Chemical Plant prepares for deployment a Tiberium vapor bomb of great destructive power; second, a liquid Tiberium charge to seed a patch over a certain small area; third, the catalyst missile can be deployed for areas in which enemy forces foolishly chose to covet Nod's beloved crystals (and also against the Tiberium-based Scrin).

In Kane's Wrath, it can blow up Tiberium fields and the Tiberium Detonation power is known to heavily damage even MARVs in the Tiberium Fields.

A Tiberium Chemical Plant does nothing for a Nod commander other than grant a variety of support powers; it does not grant access to any type of unit or upgrade, similar to GDI's Space Command Uplink structure. As a result it is logical for a commander building one to assume that they will need to spend considerable amounts of credits to take advantage of the support powers granted by the building.

One practical reason to build a chemical plant is that it grants access to the cheap Tiberium Seed power, which can give more credits to the commander than they spent on using it.

The most prominent offensive abilities granted by the plant are the catalyst missile and Tiberium vein detonation, which do considerable damage to units containing tiberium or units near tiberium fields. This allows Nod commanders to destroy harvesters and refineries of enemy commanders easily, potentially wrecking their opponents' economies.

The Tiberium Vapor Bomb summons a bomber that moves to its target then drops the bomb. It generally has a longer delay to take effect (the bomber must fly to its target), so if its used on mobile units a commander should try and target ahead of an enemy's path to compensate. The bomber can also be shot down so it is not a viable weapon against a base reinforced with a lot of anti-air. However, the bomb has a large explosion radius and is deadly against buildings, light vehicles, and infantry. Only well-armored buildings or tanks will survive.


  • In the source file, this structure is called "Tiberium Liquidation Facility".


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