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CNCTW Nuclear Factory Cameo.png
Tiberium forge
CNCTW Nuclear Factory.png
The Tiberium forge uses the model of the Nod Tiberium weapons plant in Casabad
Internal name MG_NOD_TiberiumForge
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
Role Global Conquest strategic structure
Tier 3
Hit points 6000
Armor type NODTempleOfNODArmor
Cost $6000
Power -9
Abilities CNCKW Guerilla Repairs Cameo.png Guerilla repairs

The Tiberium forge is a Nod strategic structure that only appears in the Global Conquest mode of Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath.

Support powers

Icon Support Power Cost Cooldown Function
CNCKW Guerilla Repairs Cameo.png
Guerilla repairs $1000 2 turns Fully repairs the selected Nod strike force anywhere on the map.


  • The guerilla repairs support power's title in the game's code is Friends of Nod.
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