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Tiberium infusion

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  • $2000 (TW)
  • $1000 (KW)
Build time
  • 0:20 (TW)
  • 0:30 (KW)
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Secret Shrine

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Tiberium Infusion was an infantry upgrade developed by the Brotherhood of Nod prior to the Third Tiberium War. When purchased, it grants Militant squads, Militant rocket squads, and Fanatics a 10% health bonus, 25% speed bonus, and immunity to Tiberium exposure.

Although Black Hand doesn't have the Tiberium infusion upgrade, when the upgrade is researched from a captured Nod or Marked of Kane Secret Shrine, it carries over to Black Hand Militant rocket squads and Fanatics.


Described as a "Tiberium elixir", Tiberium Infusion increases the metabolism of Nod infantry, and somehow makes them immune to the harmful effects of Tiberium.[1]

Infantry squads upgraded with Tiberium Infusion emit Tiberium vapor, similar to those coming from Tiberium silos.



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