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The Tiberium silo is a base building found in Command & Conquer: Renegade.


Tiberium silos, or simply silos, are dome-shaped buildings that provide extra storage for harvested Tiberium. They are intended to provide a surplus of Tiberium for when a base’s supply exceeds demand and the surplus would later be useful for funding situations warranting extra production.

Without this extra storage, any refined Tiberium for which there is no longer storage space in the Refinery would have to be discarded and wasted.

Silos are easily recognisable not just from their shape but also their viewing ports on the sides giving a visual indication of how full the silo is, pipes from supply lines in the ground and the colored part of the dome indicating the faction the silo belongs to.


In actual gameplay, silos serve no purpose other than to provide bonus objectives for their destruction.

While typically fragile buildings in other C&C titles, silos in Renegade are remarkably robust, taking as many as six C4 charges to destroy. There is no interior to these structures and, owing to their simplicity, there is no Master Control Terminal. The only way to destroy them is to use brute force.


Silos appear in two missions. On both occasions, they appear in pairs and belong to Nod.

  • The Nod base seen at the end of the mission Armored Assault had silos. If the player manages to destroy them, a tertiary objective is awarded regarding reducing funding for production of units.
  • In Tomorrow's Technology Today the Nod base had silos built near the Construction Yard.

In some custom multiplayer maps, Tiberium silos appear as accessory structures in GDI and Nod bases.


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