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Tiberium silos were structures used by both GDI and Nod to store excess Tiberium in Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and its expansion, Kane's Wrath. A civilian version of the structure also existed.


Tiberium silos were made of special materials that allow for long-term storage of Tiberium.[1] They were used by GDI and Nod alike, though the GDI version used a filtration system to prevent Tiberium gasses from leaking out, while the Nod version simply used a smokestack to vent out the gasses.

A civilian version of the Tiberium silo also exists, resembling a geodesic dome. Since this version did not release Tiberium gasses, it can be assumed that it had a filtration system similar to the GDI version.

Game structure

An excess of Tiberium simply meant that the player was not spending enough. Instead of wasting time and money on construction of Tiberium silos, a better alternative was to simply spend the excess on more useful units and structures. Though lightly armored, Tiberium Silos can be used to block line-of-sight of enemy forces, forcing them to destroy it or go around to fire.

Civilian silos can be captured for a one-off payment of 5000 credits and then can be used as functional silos for military operations. Also, unlike their military counterparts, the silos provide a radius of ground control, making them viable means of base expansion.

If a silo is destroyed, green Tiberium crystals are released around the silo's ruins.

As of the Tiberium Wars 1.05 patch and in the Kane's Wrath expansion, Tech Tiberium silos no longer granted build radius.

Unlike their equivalents in previous wars, these silos don't show remaining capacity bars when selected, instead their in-game models come with a vertical bar on the hull that indicates how much Tiberium is stored.



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