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CNCTW Tiberium Vapor Bomb Cameo.png
Tiberium Vapor Bomb
Affiliation CNC3 Nod Logo.png Nod
CNCKW Black Hand Logo.png Black Hand
CNCKW Marked of Kane logo.png Marked of Kane
Cost $3500
Build time 5:00
Requires Tiberium Chemical Plant

The Tiberium Vapor Bomb is a weapon of mass destruction employed by Nod. Deployed from the Armageddon heavy bomber, it detonates shortly after the bomber clears the area after saturating it with Tiberium particulate. Just moments after, a device dropped along with the bomb ignites the atomised element and creates a massive explosion of catastrophic proportions. The design principle hearkens back to the Fuel Air Bomb, an Allied weapon that was in development during the Second World War, but never saw widespread use due to Soviet forces destroying the test site.

The bomb is excellent at destroying vehicles, infantry and structures, perfect for clearing outposts or destroying vital areas of enemy bases. Using it on buildings that had already been damaged would increase the destructive power of the bomb.

Game effect

The bomb is relatively straightforward; it does a lot of damage to whatever is in its blast radius, regardless of what the target is. Regular buildings like power plants, light defenses, and infantry-training buildings are prone to being destroyed instantly. Infantry and light vehicles are almost guaranteed to be destroyed too.

Well protected buildings, such as construction yards, refineries, or buildings that produce vehicles, will probably survive if they are at full health, so they should be damaged before or immediately after the bomb is dropped on them for best effect. However, it is less effective against heavily armored units. Most tanks, at full health, can survive the attack though they will probably have lost a good chunk of their health (so if an enemy commander moves them back to base, they could be repaired).

It is a very expensive weapon to deploy for Nod commanders at 3500 credits, so caution must be taken to ensure that the bomb hits its targets and that its targets are worth the considerable expenditure. In order to gain access to it a Nod Commander must also have a Tiberium Chemical Plant, which is also an expensive building to procure. The bomber must travel to its target as well, so as a general rule, the longer away the target is from the deploying commander's base, the longer it will probably take to reach its target. This means that some targeting compensation must be made if it's used against enemies who are moving. The Armageddon bomber can be shot down en-route as well, so there should be a minimal amount of enemy AA on the bomber's path to its target, otherwise the 3500 credits spent on deploying the bomb will be pointless.


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