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The Tiberium Vein Detonation is an advanced Tiberium-based offensive power available for Nod. It is deployed from the Tiberium chemical plant and costs 4,000 credits per use.


Yet another in a long line of Nod military applications of Tiberium, the Vein Detonation is an extremely lethal support power. After the capture of Alphonse Giraud by the Black Hand, the scientist was persuaded into developing weapons technology for the Brotherhood. He developed the principles behind the Vein Detonation in a short time, and when LEGION was sent to capture the Tacitus, the AI used it to destroy GDI refineries and equipment at three Tiberium patches in the area.

As Tiberium has spread throughout the Earth, underground veins of the mineral also are found worldwide. Using similar technology to the catalyst missile, the vein detonation causes the subterranean deposits under a given locale to explode. However, the vein explosion is significantly more widespread and violent than the catalyst missile, and it causes massive damage to any target above the vein. However, it can only be used on or near a Tiberium field; limiting its effectiveness to units marching on Tiberium or facilities very close to a patch.


Due to erroneous coding, this support power deducts $4000 once before it starts and once after it finishes, making its effective price $8000. However, if the player has less than $4000 after the support power finishes, it just deducts what the player has.



In Tacitus Interruptus, the cost of the Tiberium vein detonation is reduced to $2000, since using the power is one of the mission objectives.

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