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The Tick tank was Nod's main battle tank in the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


The Tick tank replaced the light tank from the First Tiberium War, with attention paid to their armor and firepower. While it is significantly underpowered compared to GDI Titans in a one-on-one engagement, it is reasonably cheap, fast moving and possesses a front mounted entrenchment tool which allows it to even the playing field somewhat. When entrenched, its hull assumes a vertical position with the front section burrowed into the ground - this immobilizes the tank, but bestows greater protection and turret rotation.

The Tick tank design resembles an assault gun - with limited capability to aim its cannon. It becomes a full fledged turret once entrenched, making the tank "stand up" and giving its cannon a broader field of fire whilst reducing difficulties with height obstacles.


The Tick Tank was replaced by the lighter, but faster and more powerful Scorpion tank after the Firestorm Crisis.


The Tick tank, despite being a lighter vehicle, costs as much ($800) as a Titan, and is beaten by it in a pitched head-to-head battle. Odds become much better for it if it can manage to engage targets whilst entrenched - offering Nod players a more freely emplaced substitute for laser turrets, albeit one that is not as effective against infantry. That said it is still a viable substitute or backup for Obelisks of Light, the latter case handy should a Nod base happen to run short on power. Entrenched Tick tanks are highly resistant to the Disruptor's sonic beam as well as the Mammoth Mk. II's railgun, making the them an effective counter to both units. 



  • Better armoured than most Nod vehicles
  • Reasonably cheap ($800)
  • Outranges laser turrets and Vulcan cannons
  • Gains a powerful double-cannon when elite
  • Can detect stealth units when elite
  • Self-repairs to half health when elite
  • Can crush infantry
  • Highly resistant to the Disruptor and Mammoth Mk.II's weapons when entrenched
  • Good as an Anti-tank defense turret when entrenched, especially if a base runs short on power.


  • Ineffective against infantry
  • Loses against a Titan in one-on-one matches when not deployed
  • Not immune to Tiberium veins
  • Not as accurate as the Titan


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