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25px-Disambig.png This article is about the magazine booklet company. You may be looking for Chrono.

Time is a magazine booklet that used in real life and sometimes, Command & Conquer. This magazine company does do a lot of history, politics and pastime figures. It came from the United States in major cities around the capitalist superpower.

In Yuri's Revenge, Premier Romanov asked the Soviet veteran that if he had seen the magazine in his mission briefing. Romanov calls the Time company as a "State News Magazine". In today's world, Time still brings its magazines around the world for people to read through. It was also seen at the end cutscene of Operation: Chrono Storm where Tanya, a group of GIs and a sickened Romanov posed for media photos before the Premier was charged with war crimes in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.

The Magazine

Have you seen the "State News Magazine"?
- Romanov after Operation Deja Vu

Premier had been marvellous with the veteran after destroying the Allied base and Einstein's laboratory in the Black Forest. When Premier throws down the booklet on his desk, a picture is shown to the Commander on the front page of the book. It shows two Soviet figurines holding an axe and holding Romanov's counterpart, Michael Dugan of the US government by using his tie. Premier, then declares that the Allies have surrendered around the world as of retreating on all fronts.

As of this, the Premier says that the capitalist prisoners joined his forces to fight the traitor, Yuri. The Soviet veteran was then contacted by Zofia, who says the Allied Forces had been mind-controlled by a Psychic Beacon in London. Both she and Romanov sent the Soviet Commander straight to the Allied Command Center for a coalition mission.

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