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RA1 Gameicon The following is based on cut content and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

A Time Quake is an unfortunate side effect of the use of Chronosphere technology during the Second World War.


A time quake is an in-game cataclysm caused by usage of the Chronosphere, similar to the Chrono Vortex. Whenever a Chronosphere is used, there is a 20% chance[1] [2] a time quake will occur. An explosion is heard, and the game shakes[3].

The time quake functionality is also used for the MAD Tank's attack[4], while MAD tanks do varying damage based on unit type within a radius around the tank[5]. Time quakes can also be spawned in crates, but only if there are many units on the map[6].

Non-MAD tank related time quakes were removed at some point between the 0.09c beta and the final release[7].


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