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RA2Sovietlogo.png The following is based on the Soviet campaign of Yuri's Revenge and might contradict canon.
The world is in ruin. Yuri is poised to rule unchallenged. Only a daring Allied plan to travel back in time stands between Yuri and total domination. But Yuri must pay for his betrayal at Soviet hands, not Allied. We must capture the Time Machine and travel back ourselves.
- Mission briefing

Operation: Time Shift is the first mission of the Soviet campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge.[2]


When Yuri surfaced after the war and activated his network of Psychic Dominators, an Allied air assault on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco damaged Yuri's nuclear power plant, rendering the device inert. The Allies used the window of opportunity to draw up a plan to travel back in time to stop Yuri's scheme during the Third World War.

The Soviet intelligence (headed by Zofia) discovered the Allied plan and Premier Romanov, secretly communicating from his jail cell in the Tower of London, ordered the Red Army to seize the Time Machine and use it to change the outcome of the war. A special Soviet task force led by Zofia, Boris, and a leading Soviet general and accompanied by a fleet was thus sent to San Francisco with orders to both capture the Time Machine and destroy Yuri's Psychic Dominator. They carried with them, some documents present to Premier Romanov's past self.

Key units

YR Boris Icon.png RA2 Engineer Icons.png RA2 Rhino Tank Icons.png


While the Allied Forces were busy attempting to destroy Yuri's Psychic Dominator on Alcatraz, a Soviet naval fleet had secretly entered the San Francisco bay. Without warning, the Soviets attacked the Allied fleet besieging Alcatraz, obliterating them and the Grand Cannon defenses near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Soviet Attack

With a path to the coast secured, a Soviet task force led by Boris and commanded by a brilliant Soviet General had landed in San Francisco to find the Time Machine. The machine was located in a lightly defended Allied compound located south-east of the landing zone, but clearly the Allies were not expecting an attack on San Francisco and numerous small patrols, insubstantial to holding out against an enemy attack were picked off by the Soviets.

Yuri's Counterattack

At the same time, Yuri's forces now seeing that the Allied armada was gone had moved themselves into the city to claim the Power Plants for themselves. The Soviets and Yuri's troops fought for control of the plants, but eventually, the former managed to divert enough power to the Time Machine, and the entire task force was flung back in Time.

Unfortunately, they used too much power and ended up traveling further back than was necessary to the early Cretaceous era. Zofia had to initiate another Time Shift, but it would take some time before she could do so and the task force had to defend both the machine and themselves from a horde of ravenous Tyrannosaurus Rexes.

Mission Accomplished

After Zofia completed the preparations, the Soviets were transported once more through time, arriving in San Francisco during the beginning of the Soviet invasion of the US. The Soviets fought their way through several Allied patrols before reaching and making contact with the Soviet base located there, the Soviet General quickly requisitioned control of the base and made preparations to attack Alcatraz, which was lightly defended by a small force of Soviet soldiers under Yuri's mind control. After dealing with the defenses, Boris was called in and summoning a MiG airstrike to obliterate Yuri's device.


For the Soviets, it is back to square one. The Commander still has to win the Premier's trust by locking Allied keys to victory. This was done with the destruction of Einstein's lab in the Black forest, cancelling the event of Operation Chrono Storm. The Commander now is assigned on a separate task force to deal with Yuri's affair.


When the mission begins, you will have control of approximately three Typhoons, two Giant Squids, three Sea Scorpions and a Dreadnought. On the way leading to the shore, you will encounter 3 Allied Destroyers, two Aircraft Carriers, and two Grand Cannons on the cliff. Your first objective is to destroy the Allied defenses nearby so that your own army can land and this is quite easy as you will only need the Dreadnought to do this.

Order the Dreadnought to destroy the Grand Cannons first, two shots from the Dreadnought's missiles will suffice and then, order the Dreadnought to begin attacking the Allied Navy. If any of the Destroyers come close, intercept it with the Typhoons and if the Osprey is launched, your Sea Scorpions should be able to handle it very easily. Once taken care of, your own army will arrive...

At your command now there are some Rhino tanks, infantries, Engineers, Flak tracks and of course, Boris. An introductory will take time to show how competent Boris is. Finishing it, the army is then mustered through the city, eliminating several GI and Grizzly tanks in the process. A Hospital and (at least) a Power Plant is available to capture.

It is highly recommended to capture the Power Plant with adequate defenses (this is where your conscripts are used). The Commander then discovers the base, harboring the time machine and swiftly take over it. A Tech Machine Shop exists within the base. The Commander is recommended to destroy four Pillbox turrets defending it. A plane then paradrops some Engineers to aid the capture. After a short briefing, the Commander is tasked to take over the remaining Power Plant and race against Yuri as he requires it to power the Psychic dominator.

Succeeding this, the entire Soviet force is then thrown back in a time stream, seconds before the dominator went active.

Unfortunately, Soviet "efficiency" has put in an unintended effect and the entire force (now including a Tesla Trooper force) arrived in approximately 65 million years earlier than expected. Anticipating wild Tyrannosaurus Rexes from two directions, Boris and the Rhino tank division charge in to protect their forces as the time machine is being repaired. A return time had set them back in the same position, at the beginning of the Soviet invasion.

The Soviet Commander manage to discover a newly established Soviet base nearby (if Boris has been killed before this part, a new Boris will be emerged from the barracks, while Zofia murmurs something about it). The base provides Boris with a nearby hover transport, but to get there, Boris must pass through an assortment of Allied forces, which is a little over a nice walk in the park. The transport will bring Boris on Alcatraz and putting the uncompleted Psychic dominator in his sight.

An airshow should complete the job done in style.


  • Zofia will comment on the fall of Boris if he is killed for the first time. If this loss happens before the second time shift (either in the present or the dinosaur age), an elite Boris will respawn from the Barracks when the player arrives at the Soviet base. In that case, Zofia and Boris will have an interesting little conversation. If Boris is killed again, Zofia will express her disappointment on this and call it a dark day for mother Russia.
  • In the present time, the Psychic Dominator is not in the map. This is done so that the player won't try to the destroy it too early.
  • During the 'Jurassic' part of the mission, it is possible to command a hovercraft to cross the lake; on the upper left corner of the map there is an island where the hovercraft can 'befriend' a t-rex by the name of Rexy. The player can bring Rexy back to modern time by moving her into a transport.



Zofia's briefing on the location of the time machine
Zofia after the first timeshift
Zofia after the second timeshift


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