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Destruction will materialize
- Titan when attacking

The Titan is an epic GDI tech walker in Command & Conquer: Rivals.


The Titan MK. II-P is a main battle walker equipped with an experimental particle beam cannon. First fielded during the Second Tiberium War, the Titan family of assault mechs have been a mainstay of GDI armies for decades.


  • Can target infantry Strong against vehicles Cannot target aircraft
  • Fires through its target, also damaging any enemy in the tile behind its target.

Game unit[]

Titan is a heavy hitting anti-vehicle battle walker that can stand against any ground vehicle in the game. It's particle beam cannon will destroy light vehicles with a single shot, more heavy duty vehicles will go down in two blasts. The most powerful Nod unit — the Avatar — will be barely alive after three shots. However, the long cooldown period of the cannon means that it might not take down squads quickly enough.

Being a specialist leaves Titan vulnerable to air attacks and infantry, but high health means that even when facing hard counters it has a lot of staying power.

The particle beam is a semi-splash weapon. Whereas typical splash will damage units on one hex, particle beam will damage units in a straight, thin line over two hexes. For example, it a Titan shoots at Attack bike squad then it might take out one or two bikes, depending on how the bikes are arranged with regards to the Titan. The particle beam can also be used to punch through fortifications. For example, if a Giga-cannon is hiding behind a Laser squad, the Titan can blast the Giga-cannon by attacking the Laser Squad. This can be defended against by moving the Laser Squad back and fourth the neighboring hexes. Since the beam hits precisely behind the unit, the beam will miss the Giga-cannon.


James Solomon  
Riflemen Missile Squad Talon Orca Zone Trooper Titan
Dr srpss
Riflemen Missile Squad Pitbull Razorback Hammerhead Titan
Colonel Jackson Alicia
Riflemen Jump Jet Troopers Pitbull Razorback Hammerhead Titan



When created[]

  • Titan has arrived
  • Titan weapons online

When selected[]

  • Reporting
  • Beam systems charged
  • Awaiting orders

When moving[]

  • Titan striding
  • Titan advancing
  • Make moving

When moving to attack favorably[]

  • Titans are unstoppable!
  • Let's get them!
  • They don't stand a chance
  • Destruction will materialize
  • Lock and load

When moving to attack neutral[]

  • Titans deliver judgement
  • Moving out
  • You got it

When moving to attack unfavorably[]

  • Titan may fall
  • Risky for a titan

When unable to attack target[]

  • Cannot comply
  • Negative

When attacking[]

  • Delivering judgement!
  • Titan clashing!
  • Firing beam weapons!

When under attack[]

  • We're under fire!
  • We're pinned down!

When dying[]

  • Death of a titan!
  • Titan falling!


  • Heavy steps leaves traces behind.
  • Judgemental personality. Female.


Intel Report on Titan



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