The Titan is a GDI Walker available in Command & Conquer: Rivals.

It is a GDI equivalent to Nod's Rockworm


The Titan MK. II-P is a main battle walker equipped with an experimental particle beam cannon. First fielded during the Second Tiberium War, the Titan family of assault mechs have been a mainstay of GDI armies for decades.

Game Unit

Titan is a heavy anti-vehicle walker capable of destroying vehicle in few shots, with the rail gun going through the target which hits a friendly/enemy unit behind the target. It is advised to line up Titan's shot to maximize it's effectivity, but be aware of positioning another unit behind an enemy unit to avoid getting shot by Titan's piercing shot, which could be fatal if it is a vehicle. Destroying this vehicle could be tricky due to its immense armor and firepower, unless an anti-vehicle aircraft card is used for battle.



  • Can win against most vehicle, and few infantry
  • Rail gun goes through the target to hit another unit behind it (if any)
  • Great Armor
  • Great Firepower


  • Weak against infantry
  • Defenseless against aircraft
  • Slow
  • Expensive, costs 150 Tiberium to build
  • If handled poorly, Titan shots can cause friendly-fire


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