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Gen1 Tomahawk Launcher Icons
Long-range ballistics.
- Tomahawk Launcher rolling out of the War Factory

The Tomahawk Launcher was the long-range siege weapon of choice for the USA during the conflict with the GLA.


Preparing launch cycle.
- Tomahawk Launcher preparing to fire.

Using a Crusader tank chassis coupled with advanced US missile design, it traveled only slightly slower than a tank, firing single Tomahawk missiles, and had a short reload time. Although used primarily against structures as a siege weapon, the missile was also quite capable of locking onto a moving target, and could be effective against tanks under the right circumstances. The chassis also enabled optional drone support. Though the Tomahawk launcher was developed for USA forces, Chinese General Leang also had access to it.



Cruise missiles ready.
- Tomahawk
Gen1 Scout Drone Icons
Scout Drone The Scout Drone fed battlefield information to the vehicle crew, increasing their sight range and revealing nearby stealthed units. Cost: $100.
Gen1 Battle Drone Icons
Battle Drone The Battle Drone was armed with a small machine gun to defeat enemy infantry, and could also repair its parent vehicle. Cost: $300.
ZH Hellfire Drone Icons
Hellfire Drone The Hellfire Drone, available in Zero Hour, fired a small but surprisingly powerful missile against enemy ground units. Cost: $500.

Important note: Drones can be further upgraded with Drone Armour.


Gen1 Advanced Training Icons
Advanced Training Allowed Tomahawk launcher, along with all other USA units, to gain veteran status twice as fast. Purchasable at any Strategy Center for $1500

Game play


Preparing launch cycle.
- Tomahawk Launcher preparing to fire on the enemy.

The Tomahawk launcher was useful for breaching enemy defenses and pounding buildings from a distance. Thinly armored, it required protection at all times. The Tomahawk could also be used to support armor by firing on enemy tanks from a distance. Although fast-moving units could outrun the missile, tanks could not. In addition, the missile had a small but significant area blast. If the conditions were desperate enough, the Tomahawk launcher could also be used as an anti-air weapon by launching a missile at aircraft while taking off. The Tomahawk launcher had the greatest range of all land-based siege weapons employed in the conflict. With its missiles' homing ability, it gave the USA a huge advantage on the battlefield.


Tomahawk missiles online.
- Tomahawk

The Tomahawk launcher had very weak armor, vulnerable to almost everything, and it had no protection at all against aircraft. The missile could be shot down by anti-aircraft weapons, although such weapons had to be concentrated, as the missile was fast-moving and extremely armored, even above USA's Raptor. A single Gatling Tank could not shoot down an incoming Tomahawk missile.

As with all artillery units used in the GLA conflict, it was unable to fire upon targets at close range, so if a unit such as a Battlemaster managed to get within its minimum range, the launcher would be reduced to scrap metal. The homing and fire-on-the-move capabilities could reduce these threats. Any armor-neutralizing tactic (including Neutron shells and Hijacker) could be used effectively against it.



  • Outranges other artillery units
  • Search-and-destroy strategy increases range to even further
  • Missiles are fast and 100% accurate; tracks mobile targets
  • Relatively good mobility
  • Does splash damage
  • Missiles are heavily armored


  • Helpless against aircrafts
  • Almost defenseless; equipping with drones slightly helps
  • Poorly armored
  • Damage and blast radius much inferior to Scud launchers and Nuke cannons.
  • Missile can be intercepted by air defenses or disrupted by ECM Jamming
  • Not available to Townes.

Selected Quotes

Long range ballistics
- When selected
Tomahawk systems online
- When selected
Cruise missiles ready
- When selected
Standing by for coordinates
- When selected
Missile guidance set
- When selected
Tomahawk launcher, armed and ready
- When selected
Updating grid location
- When moving
We can launch from there
- When moving
Transporting cruise missile
- When moving
Coordinates recieved
- When moving
Warheads in the field
- When moving
Instructions confirmed
- When ordered to attack
Preparing launch cycle
- When ordered to attack
Arming cruise missile
- When ordered to attack
Calculating missile speed
- When ordered to attack
Adjusting for wind current
- When ordered to attack
Flight systems activated
- When ordered to attack
Too close for ballistics
- When ordered to run over
Forgo missile sequence
- When ordered to run over
Aggressive maneuvers
- When ordered to run over
Ordering Battle Drone
- When deploy Battle Drone
Assembling Battle Drone
- When deploy Battle Drone
Waypoint Targeting is Now Available
- Tomahawk Unused Upgrade Quote
Setting Waypoint Path
- Tomahawk Using Waypoint Targeting
Waypoint Set
- Tomahawk Using Waypoint Targeting



Behind the Scenes

Historically, the BGM-109G Ground Launched Cruise Missile was a version of the Tomahawk missile which could be fired from ground-based launchers, similar to the Tomahawk Launcher in Generals. However, the real-life Tomahawk has a range far in excess of what is seen in C&C Generals. It is also a very expensive weapon, and would never be expended against targets such s infantry, bunkers, or even tanks in real life. A more accurate depiction of Tomahawks can be seen a cutscene in the beginning of the USA final mission against Dr Thrax.

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