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Operation: Tomb Raided is the fourth mission of the Allied campaign in Yuri's Revenge.[1]


Yuri's Psychic Dominator at the Great Pyramid of Egypt

With the Allied victory in Seattle under his belt, General Carville now informs the Allied Commander that Yuri has captured Professor Albert Einstein in Egypt and is trying to complete the Psychic Dominator in time to prevent the Allies from overthrowing it. He also says that the German Chancellor is very concerned about Yuri's having Einstein enslaved, as this makes it far more likely that he will successfully finish the weapon. Now Eva Lee brings the Allied veteran to the Great Pyramid of Egypt, where Yuri is holding the Allied scientist hostage. Tanya rescues Einstein, and then the Commander annihilates the superweapon with his forces.

Key units

RA2 Tanya Icons.png RA2 Tank Destroyer Icons.png



  • Do not destroy the Psychic Dominator before you rescue Einstein, because if it's still intact after you rescue him, you get to use it once on Yuri's forces before it self-destructs.
  • There is a group of some Gattling tanks and Lasher tanks consisting of 9 units which, if dominated, may be most effective at wiping out Yuri's principal base in the East. Once you have control of these units, you can quickly eliminate the construction yard and other important buildings. For best results, aim the Gattling tanks at Yuri's infantry and the Lasher tanks at his vehicles.
  • Though some will almost inevitably be destroyed, carefully directing the remnant will allow you to finish off the rest of the base. The Dominator's control evidently being superior to all other forms of mind control, you need not concern yourself with any of the other mind control structures and units around Yuri's base, as the dominated units will be utterly immune to them. For best results, direct these units to destroy all the bio reactors, as the rest of the base's defenses will promptly fold like a cheap suit once all of their power sources are gone.
  • East of your base and southwest of Yuri's base is a large oil field with many derricks in it; rivers separate this field from both Yuri's base and yours. However, bridges span these rivers, and only a light contingent of Yuri's Initiates and Lashers guards the field. Tanya is powerful enough to take and hold this field all by herself if she destroys the bridge connecting it to Yuri's base to keep his ground forces from retaking it. Yuri will also send occasional assault parties via hover transports to harass your base and any other holdings you may have, destroy the transport with Harriers to stop this as Yuri cannot rebuild it.


  • If the pyramids are destroyed or garrisoned, Mummies will appear.
  • If you place a unit each on the three individual grass patches forming a triangle below the pond to the northwest of the map, three controllable Tyrannosaurus Rexes will spawn in the triangle. These units cannot be mind controlled by Yuri's forces.
  • The mission's name is a pun on Tomb Raider, the game series featuring Lara Croft as its titular protagonist who raids various ancient tombs around the world.
  • In the mission, Tanya is intentionally featured in the mission as the Red Alert franchise's parody of the Tomb Raider franchise's Lara Croft.
  • Although Eva says that the Tank Destroyers can easily cut through Yuri's Initiates in the oil fields, Tank Destroyers are useless against infantry.
  • If Tanya is killed in this mission, the same cut scene as seen in Time Lapse will be played.
  • If the player destroys Yuri's base first, the mission will immediately be complete when Einstein leaves the Great Pyramid, the cut scene will not play, and the player will not get the chance to use the Psychic Dominator.
  • Unlike other Allied missions not taking place in Russia, the player can attack buildings and camels in this mission. A similar scene occurs in Brain Dead.



Einstein after his rescue
Wounded Tanya being carried away


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