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A critical cargo held in this supply truck must reach the waystation atop this mountain. The way is blocked by Allied squads, but do not let that deter you -- the cargo must reach its destination.

In addition, the onset of nightfall has brought sub-zero temperatures with it. The Allies are prepared for this -- our units are not. The life expectancy of your troops in these extremes is limited. Infantry may last 20 minutes, while vehicles could survive for up to an hour. You have little time. Go.
- Mission briefing

Top O' The World is a Soviet mission in Counterstrike. It involves escorting a Supply Truck safely to a Soviet waystation atop the mountain before the player's units succumb to the area's sub-zero temperatures.

Hints and Tips

  • after 15 minutes, The Allies will paradrop infantry at the player's starting location.
  • Destroy all AA guns in order to have the ability to call the spy plane and the parabomb (you need to wait for them to be ready first).


Red Alert Missions
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