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I like you comrade. I like you very much. And I am Russian - I do not like anybody!
- General Topolov

General Topolov (Russian: Тополов) is a high ranking Soviet officer, appearing in the Retaliation pack.


A solemn, older officer, Topolov is direct and to the point. He has a love for vodka, and becomes quite amiable after a few glasses. Unlike his fellow officers like General Georgi Kukov, Topolov does not have any hidden agendas, nor does he plot behind his fellow officers' backs. All he wants is to serve Russia to the best of his ability.

Character development

During the addon campaigns for Red Alert 1, he briefs the Commander through several important missions, although he is weary of the conflict. After a string of successful campaigns, Topolov retires from military service and turns to farming. As a gift, he provides his office and a bottle of vodka to his friend, the Commander, who becomes his replacement.


Topolov appears in the Retaliation compilation pack.

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